August 13, 9-10 pm: A conversation with Meghan Murphy on the Amnesty International stand on decriminalization of “sex work” and Sunsara Taylor on women in Mississippi–a state with one remaining abortion clinic

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Joy of Resistance proudly presents two interviews with passionate feminists on some of the most important current issues facing women.

We will speak with Meghan Murphy, founder of Feminist Current, Canada’s most widely read feminist blog, on the recent decision by Amnesty International to work toward the decriminalization of “sex work”/prostitution.

We’ll also speak with Sunsara Taylor of Stop Patriarchy on her recent trip to Jackson, Mississippi, where she spoke with women who have had to travel hundreds of miles, escape abuse and endure anti-abortion shaming and harassment in order to assert their constitutional right to control their own bodies–in a state in which there is only one abortion clinic left.

We’ll also cover the feminist news, including stories on the abolition of genital mutilation in Nigeria, the end of “gendered toys” at Target, what Donald Trump’s public misogyny means for women and the African American women who was subjected to a public vaginal search in a parking lot.

Rosita Libre de Marulanda will be co-hosting with Fran Luck.

July 30, 9-10 PM, Joy of Resistance presents recordings from the Women of the Young Lords panel

As part of a multi-site exhibition around New York City examining the legacy of the legendary Puerto Rican Revolutionary Nationalist group TheYoung Lords, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, on July 23, presented a live panel entitled “Women of the Young Lords.” Joy of Resistance was at the sold out event and recorded it.

Eight women, who were active Young Lords and participated in the intense struggle within the Party to come to grips with the sexism inherent in the Party’s adoption into their platform of “revolutionary machismo”, kicked back and with the hindsight (and freedom) of being 45 years out from these events, felt free to tell the whole story of the events of that struggle, known as “the revolution within the revolution.”

The wormen testifying: Denise Oliver, Iris Morales, Gloria Rodriguez, Minerva Solas, Olgie Robles and two others. The evening was organized by Johanna Fernandez, who also co-curated the event and is writing a book on The Young Lords.

The testimonies were electrifying.

July 9, 9-10 pm: The campaign for free tampons in public toilets; Pope Francis on women; “No Platforming” campaigns within feminism

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After the feminist news roundup, a report by Rosita Libre de Marulanda on a campaign to have women’s sanitary products, such as tampons, available in all public toilets for free–in the same way that toilet paper, also a sanitary product, is now available free of charge.

Pope Francis has recently been getting high praise for his position on global warming–but his backward and sexist statements on women are being ignored.. A new poll shows that Catholic millenials–those aged 18 to 24– are in disagreement with major church positions on women, sexuality and gay marriage. We’ll discuss the poll with its author,  Jen Girdish of Catholics for Choice.


Lastly, an important and controversial piece on “No Platforming”, produced by Women’s International News Gathering Service (WINGS). “No platforming”, cuirrently rife in the feminist movement, refers to organized campaigns aimed at denying those with divergent viewpoints the opportunity to speak, work or be published.

Joy of Resistance, 7-2, 9-10 pm: The Marriage Show. Guests: Kamy Wikoff, author of “I Do but I Don’t” turns a feminist eye on the wedding industry; Nancy Polikoff’s “Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage” decouples benefits & marriage

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Spurred by the legalization of gay marriage, Joy of Resistance will be re-running our classic show on Marriage-as-an-institution, first aired on June 29, 2008. Guests, in order of appearance:

Kamy Wicoff, at 27, wrote the book: “I Do But I Don’t“–a story of her own attempt to have a meaningful wedding–only to run into the wedding industry’s plans for what an acceptable (and hugely expensive) big wedding is supposed to be in the U.S. today. By training her feminist eye and research skills on every part of this experience, she has produced a fresh re-examination of the creepy sexist rituals that have always been a part of heterosexual marriage–and that are making a big come-back. In chapters with headings such as: “the proposal”, “the ring”, “the dress”, the “prettiest day of your life”–as well as through noting that women do the bulk of the work of wedding planning–she shows how the rituals embedded in today’s big weddings function as a training ground for a woman to assume her “traditional wifely role”–thereby becoming an important site of male supremacy reproducing itself.

Nancy Polikoff is interviewed by Kathy Miriam about her book: “Beyond Gay and Straight Marriage“. Polikoff argues that married people should not be given special benefits (as is the case in the U.S. now) but rather that all individuals, married or single, should have access to all social benefits (such as is the case in Canada). She also theorizes that the Gay movement was influenced in deciding to emphasize marriage as its main goal, by the conservatizing of U.S. society since the 70’s (including attacks on reproductive rights and the pushing of marriage as the answer to all social problems).

The show includes testimonies by four feminists on how they feel and think about marriage. They are: Maretta Short, Erin Mahoney, Therese Lee and Nicole Whelan. It also includes a summary of the history of marriage in the West.

The live introduction by Fran Luck, will feature a recent news story on the ending of “domestic partnership” coverage by some insurance companies–as a result of the legalization of gay marriage–thus putting more pressure on those who do not wish to wed, to do so.

Thurs, June 25, 9-10pm: Caroline Fredrickson, author: “Under the Bus: How Working Women Are Being Run Over”; Stephanie Huffaker (National Women’s Liberation): “THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN”–the 1969 vintage Redstockings sticker makes a comeback

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According to Caroline Fredrickson, author of the newly released “Under the Bus: How Working Women Are Being Run Over , the majority of the lowest paid and insecure jobs in the U.S. today are held by women–especially women of color. As income inequality grows, this ‘service sector’ is growing even faster. And while labor protection laws, such as overtime pay and equal pay for equal work, have been passed in the U.S. for over 100 years, they have been purposely crafted to not include these many women and minority workers.

During The New Deal, FDR traded away rights of domestic workers, farm workers and others in order to secure votes of southern Democrats for labor benefits that would accrue to white males. Today as a result, women holding low wage jobs, such as home health care aides, nannies, manicurists, housekeepers, waitresses, domestic workers, ‘independent contractors’, and ‘temps’, have zero worker protections and struggle in abject poverty and insecurity.

Women are 63% of minimum wage workers, 73% of tipped empoyees, 86% of personal care aides and 63% of part time workers. These sectors are predicted to grow, as jobs are further outsourced and the U.S. industrial base is further hollowed out.

While Cheryl Sandberg, Facebook CEO has written in her much sensationalized book on women and work: Lean In that women just have to “lean in” and be more aggressive about “asking for that raise” if they want to get ahead, Fredrickson provides poignant examples of another world in which a nanny or Walmart worker who asks for a raise–or day off to care for a sick child–is likely to be summarily fired.

In her last chapter, “Leaning Together”, Fredrickson recommends some of the reforms of a universal (not piecemeal) nature that need to be made to fix this shameful situation: getting rid of the exclusions to the New Deal that left so many out; extending benefits to workers in small businesses, temps and part time jobs; indexing the minimum wage to the cost of living; professionalizing the care industry; providing childcare and family leave–for starters.

The show will also feature an interview with Stephanie Huffaker, a member of National Women’s Liberation, the group behind the re-emergence of the vintage Redstockings 1969 sticker: “THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN” which has been making its appearance over the last week on sexist ads in New York City. One place it has appeared (see picture) is a breast augmentation/plastic surgery ad in subway cars that presents a woman looking unhappy with her “small breasts,” holding two tiny tomatoes over her chest and looking glum, next to a happy grinning version of herself holding two large melons to her chest; the ad announces that for just $3900, you can, apparently, cure this depressed condition (caused by ads like this!).

See below for THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN plastered on offensive NYC subway ad.

stickered breast implant ad

stickered breast implant ad

The show will also include feminist music and a wrap up of feminist news, including the latest attacks on abortion rights and legislation passed in New York State that will make it easier for women to report rapes on campus.


Thursday, April 30, 9-10 PM, Joy of Resistance rebroadcasts: “The Wealth Gap–Have We Really Come a Long Way?”

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At the 2013 Left Forum in New York City, the Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE) sponsored a panel on wealth and women, with a focus on how women’s lives are changing for the worse under austerity and neo-liberal policies–and how these policies threaten to push the progress of women back to times when we were completely dependent on men. Organized by Peg Rapp, the panel was titled: “The Wealth Gap–Have We Really Come a Long Way?” On July 3, 2013, we proudly presented a radio version of this groundbreaking Left Forum Panel. Panelists included:

Veteran Feminist URPE Economist Peg Rapp on The Wealth Gap vs The Wage Gap, who spoke on the “Wealth Gap” between men and women, and why looking at wealth accumulation over a lifetime–taking into account women’s discontinuous paid-work due to family care–provides a better lens for understanding economic disparities between men and women, than the more simplistic, but commonly referenced “Wage Gap.”

Educator and Latina Rights Activist Diana Zavala will speak from her personal experience as a newly divorced single mother who turned to the U.S. “safety net” for help in supporting herself and her children while finishing her education–only to find herself facing the same dire conditions as her mother who had emigrated from Honduras a generation earlier. She also spoke of the attack on public schools as an attack on women, as well as  the intersections of race, class and immigrant status as they affect the economics of women’s lives.

London-based Economist Susan Pashkoff discussed her research on Austerity as an Attack on Women: why and how austerity policies in Britain and Europe (with a U.S. version rapidly developing) are taking their biggest toll on women–who are both more dependent on “The Welfare State” and hold the majority of public sector jobs (with good benefits)–and how “benefit caps,” shrinking of “childcare tax credits” and other “austerity” measures, are threatening the very survival of women and their families.

Playright/Author Barbara Garson spoke on women as the “scroungers” of the world who hold their families together when times are the toughest–and the loss of power to men as family wealth increases.

The panel was moderated by Fran Luck, Executive Producer of Joy of Resistance and followed by a discussion of what can be done to reverse these effects and move forward.

On April 30, 2015, the day before May 1st–Mayday–the holiday of the working class, as the people of Greece fight a spirited battle against austerity policies imposed on them by the European Union, this program is especially relevant.


April 23, 9-10 PM: The Feminist Stake in SYRIZA & the rebellion against austerity; Hillary Clinton’s real record on abortion

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THERE IS A LOT AT STAKE FOR WOMEN around the world, as the new leftist Greek government, known as SYRIZA, challenges the European Union (European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) on the austerity policies it has imposed on the debtor countries of Europe. Under austerity policies, women take the biggest hit, as social services on which they and their children depend, are cut–and they are forced to compensate with additional unpaid labor.

On Thursday, April 23, 9-10 PM, we will speak with Elena Psarea, a member of the National Parliament of Greece as well as a member of the Central Committee of SYRIZA, and chair of the Secretariat of the Department of Feminist and Gender Politics of SYRIZA. We’ll be talking about The Feminist stake in SYRIZAespecially in light of possibility of the rebellion against the European Union spreading to countries, such as Spain, Ireland and Portugaland having an influence in the United States– and why “social wage” benefits are a necessary pre-requisite for women’s liberation.

We will discuss the points in SYRIZA’s Plan of Action that relate specifically to women, including women’s startling female unemployment rate (65%), women’s lack of health insurance, the history of the Greek feminist movement, the representation of women in the Greek Parliament and traditional sexist attitudes in Greek society.

In our second segment we’ll be speaking with Erin Matson, author of a popular feminist blog and former Action Vice President of the National Organization for Women, about Hillary Clinton’s actual record on reproductive rights.

The show will also include our Worldwide Feminist News Headlines.