Thurs, Nov 12, 9-10 PM: Andrea Ritchie on Daniel Holtzclaw trial: Gail Dines on Pornified Culture; Feminist Direct Actions in Madrid & London

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Daniel Holtzclaw is an Oklahoma police officer accused of systematically sexually assaulting Black women in a poor community, by using threats of jail time to get his way. We’ll speak with anti-racist activist/attorney/author Andrea Ritchie of Streetwise and Safe, about his trial–which began on Monday (with an all-white jury including only four women) and a defense attorney who is already using classic “blame-the-female- rape-victim” tactics. We’ll also talk about the history of routine sexual assault of Black women by police.

There have been two major feminist Direct Actions recently:


On October 8, at the premiere of the film “Suffragette” in London, Sisters Uncut, a group of feminist activists did a “die-in” on the red carpet that the stars of a film traverse at a premiere, in protest of funds for women’s shelters being cut by the government


On Nov 7, over 20,000 people shut down Madrid, Spain, in a massive demonstration against men’s violence against women and the lack of government action. During the weekend of the protest, four more women were murdered.

We’ll also play a recent TED talk by radical feminist Gail Dines on “Growing up in a Pornified Culture”; how young girls as well as young boys are influenced in their sexual development by the easy availability of porn on the internet.

We’ll also show the comedic answer to the “Feminism is Dead” story in the Spectator (by Jen Pozner)

The Feminist News Roundup will include the following stories:

After over a decade of occupation and $1.5 billion in U.S. aid, the reality facing women in Afghanistan has barely changed.

Trial of Daniel Holtzclaw–Cop accused of systematically raping Black women–begins in Oklahoma

Recent Feminist Direct Actions

Nov. 7–Massive demonstration and “die-in” in the streets of Madrid, to protest sexist violence against women

Oct. 8–Feminist activists take over “Suffragette” premiere in London to highlight domestic violence


Thurs, Nov 5, 8-10 PM: Joy of Resistance to offer DVD “I Had an Abortion” & CD of best-of repro rts coverage + LIVE interview with Loretta Ross

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A woman’s right to choose to be pregnant–or not–has has never been as threatened. A bogus investigation of Planned Parenthood is taking place in Congress and clinics across the country are being shuttered on any and every pretext.

On Thursday, November 5, 9-11 PM, Joy of Resistance will help to part the curtain of lies with the award-winning DVD “I Had an Abortion” by Gillian Aldritch and Jennifer Baumgartner. Cutting across race, age, class and religion, ten women face the camera and talk about their experiences of having an abortion during different eras and in different places and circumstances.

The film begins with Florence Rice, a Harlem, New York City woman who had an abortion in 1938 when both abortion and birth control were illegal. After the abortion she was pressured by nurses at Harlem Hospital to divulge the name of the doctor who had performed the abortion so that he could be prosecuted for his “crime” (which she would not do), under threat that she might, herself, have to face criminal charges.

I had an abortion

We then hear women who had abortions in the 60’s, 70’s, 90’s and 2000’s speak about them. They include well known feminists such as Gloria Steinem and Loretta Ross, as well as less famous women, like Alex Cobarrubia, a Mexican American woman from a heavily Catholic background who could not tell her mother, A’yen Tran (pictured above) who, after her abortion became a pro-choice activist; Jenny Egan, from a Mormon family, who found that by speaking out she could heal her pain and isolation (a common experience for those who speak about their abortions). The film ends with a quite large group of women who all state that they have had an abortion. More than 1.3 million women have an abortion each year in the U.S. For most of them it’s still a secret.

We’ll also offer listeners an audio CD of gems from the collection of Joy of Resistance’s coverage on this issue. These will include: clips from the very first speak-out on abortion, organized by Redstockings, in 1969, when abortion was illegal and women risked arrest to claim their experience publicly; Loretta Ross co-founder of SisterSong: A Woman of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, on family-planning in the Black community from the Civil War until today; an interview with RHrealitycheck investigative reporter Teddy Wilson on the backgrounds of those who put together the doctored video later used as a basis to investigate Planned Parenthood–and the late great radical feminist Ros Baxandall comparing guilt and shame about abortion in the 1970’s and now. Plus music of the abortion rights movement.

Last but not least, this program we will include a live interview with Loretta Ross, speaking on abortion within the framework of Reproductive Justice and anti abortion terrorism in relation to the rest of the far right.

The DVD “I Had an Abortion” will be offered as a “thank you” gift to those pledging $50. to WBAI to keep listener-supported non-commercial radio on the air. The CD of Joy of Resistance “best of” abortion-rights coverage will be offered to listeners for a pledge of $25.

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Thurs, Oct 1, 9-10 PM: Caroline Heldman on the backlash against the anti-rape-on-college-campus movement; Excerpts from memorial for Naomi Weisstein

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The national movement fighting rape on college campuses is building momentum, with 94 colleges/universities under investigation under Title 9 for negligent policies–and even a Presidential directive. But at the same time, a backlash against the progress of this movement is becoming evident.

On Thursday, October 1st, 9-10 pm, in Part 1 of our show, we will speak with Caroline Heldman, Professor at Occidental College and anti-rape activist, co-founder of the Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition, End Rape on Campus (EROC) and Faculty Against Rape (FAR)–about rape on college campuses and the recent appearance of a number of articles challenging confirmed stats on rape in college and blaming rapes on women’s behavior. These include the recent Sunday New York Post‘s The Myth of Rape Culture–as well as an article in the New York Times and one in the Nation Magazine. We’ll be discussing these, and other backlash examples, the history of the new movement, the campus sexual assault epidemic and current efforts to combat it.

anti-rape-on-campus protest-64397f020a25fc07

In part 2 of the show, we’ll play excerpts from the powerful memorial held on September 20 for feminist pioneer Naomi Weisstein–attended by many women’s movement pioneers and including Naomi’s comedy and music. We’ll hear from Naomi’s partner/husband Jesse Lemisch; Heather Booth, who, with Naomi and four others was a co-founder of the Chicago Women’s LIberation Union, one of the earliest radical feminist groups, fellow neuroscientist Patrick Cavanagh and Gloria Steinem on Naomi and feminist humor. We’ll play more of the music of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band, which Naomi co-founded, and sample some of her comedy.


We’ll also be presenting this week’s edition of the Feminist News Roundup.

NEWS HEADLINES  FOR 10-1-15 (with links)

Repro Justice activists go on offensive

Amid renewed attacks against Planned Parenthood by right-wing lawmakers, reproductive rights advocates took the offensive on Wednesday by calling for an end to the Hyde Amendment, which has prevented taxpayer money from contributing to abortion service–particularly through Medicaid–for nearly 40 years. On Wednesday, the 39th anniversary of its passage in 1976, progressive organzations urged congress to approve the EACH ACT. which would lift current federal restrictions on abortion coverage, ie, the Hyde–and help make it affordable to low income women. Women of color are significantly more likely to receive Medicaid than white women.

And addition to the legislative attacks in Congress and many state legislatures Last week right wing hackers brought down the websites of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) and the Abortion Care Network (ACN) using Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. NNAF is a network of grassroots funds that raise money for people who can’t afford abortions, and ACN is a network of independent abortion providers.

Resistances to attacks on Planned Parenthood

A federal district judge in Utah issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday, preventing Republican Gov. Gary Herbert’s administration from discontinuing funding to Planned Parenthood health-care facilities in the state

Resisting pressure from a Colorado Springs Republican congressman, the University of Colorado’s medical school and Denver campus will not ban the use of fetal tissue from two suppliers, nor will they halt any research using fetal tissue, according to the medical school’s vice chancellor for research.

A new UN report says urgent action is needed to combat online violence against women and girls,

New York, 24 September 2015 – A new report released today by the United Nations Broadband Commission reveals that almost three quarters of women online have been exposed to some form of cyber violence, and urges governments and industry to work harder and more effectively together to better protect the growing number of women and girls who are victims of online threats and harassment. – See more at:

Sexual Assault on Campus

The Association of American Universities published a huge survey of campus sexual assault on Sept. 21. Over 150,000 students at 27 institutions of higher education participated in the web survey, which, among many other things, seems to corroborate the often-cited”1 in 5″ statistic, which says that 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault in college. The percentage of female undergraduate participants in the AAU study who report “sexual contact involving physical force or incapacitation since enrolling in the college” is 23.1 percent

Thursday, Sept. 24, 9-10 PM: Terry O’Neill on the Republican attack on women; National Women’s Liberation on current street actions around their campaign to put THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN stickers on sexist ads–and the music of Naomi Weisstein

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This week, as Congress pushes for a government shutdown if legislation defunding Planned Parenthood is not passed, we will speak with Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW), the country’s largest grassroots feminist organization. NOW is joining with other progressive groups to fight these draconian moves on women’s rights under the slogan: NO funding cuts, NO shutdown, and NO compromises!

In our second segment we’ll have women working with National Women’s Liberation, live in our studio, to talk about their current campaign. Building on their success distributing “THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN” stickers (which have now appeared on sexist ads throughout the world), they are taking it to the streets of New York City with video-booths in public spaces, where they are interviewing women on what oppresses them. They’ll report back on their action of this past Sunday, talk about their own reactions to sexist ads and announce an upcoming action on Tuesday, September 29*

Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band

Between segments we’ll be playing music of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band as a tribute to its founder, performer and feminist pioneer, Naomi Weisstein, who died in March and was memorialized this past Sunday–with many of the pioneers of the women’s movement in attendance. Weisstein was not only a feminist performer and comedian, but a founder, in 1969, of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, which was pivotal in the chain of events that led the Women’s Liberation Movement and the “second wave” of feminism. Weisstein was also an important nneuroscientist–much of whose feminist writing and comedy  was fueled by her struggle with the deeply sexist male-dominated scientific establishment that she encountered.

We’ll also be presenting our Feminist News Roundup.

*Tuesday Sept 29th, 5pm-7pm 
Meet at the Ghandi statue in the southwest corner of Union Square

Thursday, September 10, 9-10 PM: What is behind the latest round of attacks on Planned Parenthood?

On Thursday, September 10 between 9 and 10 PM, Joy of Resistance will answer the question “Who is behind that attacks on Planned Parenthood?” We’ll be speaking with RH realitycheck reporter Teddy Wilson, who has examined the background of those behind the sting operation that started the latest round ot right wing attacks on the nations largest health provider for women. We’ll also speak with Sunsara Taylor, who has been involved in analyzing and fighting the anti-abortion movement over the last 20 years. She recently returned from Mississippi, where she and others spoke with the women of that state about their experiences with abortion.


Planned Parenthood is a 100 year old women’s reproductive health organization, that operates over 700 clinics throughout the country. Only half of those clinics perform abortions: PP also provides pap smears, breast cancer screenings, contraception, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, and more. Last year it provided services to 2-1/2 million people–as well as Sex Education to 1-1/2 million people.. It is often the point of entry to healthcare services for low income people.


Panned Parenthood is currently under attack from every direction. Although the Senate defeated attempts to defund it in early August,  the attacks show no signs of abating. Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee started hearings to investigate PP, even though the videos that started this latest round, two months ago, have been shown to be heavily doctored and therefore not fit to use as evidence–according to Fusion GPS, a professional analyst of videos.

Five states have now voted to defund Planned Parenthood by revoking state Medicaid contracts that finance it. For instance, Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana has shut down Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funding by his state. Also in LA, where PP is building a clinic, locals have greatly delayed it by pressuring local construction companies not to work on it. The clinic site has also been outright vandalized a few times. The PP website database has been hacked a number of times recently. And, of course, the rhetoric has been intense (“sale of body parts”, etc). Some state lawmakers have compared Planned Parenthood to “ISIS”, “the Nazis” and “crack dealers”.Ted Cruz has urged ministers to preach against PP from their pulpits.

Cecile Richards has repeatedly stated: “We have followed all guidelines”. Using human tissue in some kinds of necessary research has been done since the 1930’s–leading to advances in polio, rubella and varicella vaccines. Dr. Willie Parker, a doctor. performing abortions, says that often women say to him: “is there any way I can donate this tissue for research?” This research HAS gone to study Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimers, Muscular Dystrophy and many kinds of dementia. It used to have bipartisan approval, but now ihas been labeled by the right “an immoral practice”–however, Nancy Reagan broke w/ Republicans to defend stem cell research (which uses human tissue) as her husband dealt with advanced Alzheimers. The New England Journal of Medicine and other medical organizations have issued statements defending Planned Parenthood and saying that it did nothing wrong in terms of medical ethics.

This is all happening in a context in which 84% of clinics performing abortions have been subject to some kind of attacks and more state restrictions were enacted between 2011 and 2013 than in the previous 10 years.

Thursday, September 3, 9-10 pm, A Consciousness-raising session on “femininity training”

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On Thursday, September 3, 9-10 PM, Joy of Resistance proudly presents a Consciousness Raising (CR) session. Five women, ranging in age from 22 through 70, and from family backgrounds as varied as Equadorian, Mexican, Colombian and East European/Jewish, answered, from their own experience, the question “How were you trained into “femininity” and “how to be a woman” in your familiy of origin?”

Recorded live at the studios of WBAI this past July, this presentation is part of JOR’s attempt to bring this critical practice in building the feminist movement, to a new generation.

About Consciousness Raising…

Consciousness-raising is a practice that built the feminist movement in the late 60’s and 70’s, when women formed CR groups throughout the country to share the truth of their lives, and often build actions on what they learned. Consciousnes- raising sessions were also broadcast live on the air on WBAI during this time.

Quoting Carol Hanisch, writing in On the Issues ( ): “It (CR) has its roots in the 1930’s practice in China of “speak pains to recall pains” or speaking bitterness to get to the root of collective problems. This practice was used in Chinese movements including the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. CR also takes off fro an adaptation of the Civil Rights Movement‘s “Tell it like it is,” a practice of Blacks testifying as to their specific experiences with racism, in churches or other organizing spots, to get sharper and deeper on the conditions they faced as well as the aim they should take in making change.

CR is a way to study our own lives as women, to use our experiences as data. We compare and contrast our experiences and draw conclusions so we can get closer to the truth about what is making us feel the way we do and act the way we do.”

The way it works…

According to Allison Guttu, who has led CR groups with the Women of Color Caucus of National Women’s Liberation: “The way it works is that participating women answer one question, each speaking from her own experience as a woman. After all who want to have a chance to speak, we draw conclusions, sum up and investigate what we’ve all testified about. Conclusions are the most important part – the scientific part. Often there will be commonalities between our experiences. We will think about those commonalities and ask “who benefits from this? Who is gaining? Who is suffering?” And in this way we use these conclusions to get a deeper understanding of our oppression as a group and in turn how best to fight this oppression.”

And from the Carol Hanisch article quoted above: “Consciousness-raising as a deliberate program was sparked in a New York Radical Women meeting early in 1968…In the autumn of 1968, Kathie Sarachild (a member of NYRW), wrote up A Program for Feminist Consciousness-Raising (which can be found at to distribute at the first national women’s liberation conference at Lake Villa near Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend. It initially received a mixed reception, but before long, even groups that had previously disparaged consciousness-raising as “therapy” or “navel-gazing” began to take it up. Consciousness-Raising swept the country, with groups in every major city and many smaller towns.

Conclusions drawn in these groups were used to write such insightful and influential papers as Pat Mainardi’s The Politics of Housework,Irene Peslikis’ Resistances to Consciousness, Shulamith Firestone’s Women Rap about Sex, Anne Koedt’s The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm, Ellen Willis’s Women and the Myth of Consumerism, and my article,The Personal Is Political—to mention only a very few. Such theory did not spring up in isolation. It came from months of weekly meetings where both strong feelings of unity from shared experience and lively, sometime heated, disagreements abounded. Actions—large and small—also resulted from these discussions. For example, I got the idea for the 1968 Miss America Protest in a consciousness-raising group.”

CR is not a thing of the past and is being practiced today by such groups as National Women’s Liberation, Women of Color Caucus (of National Women’s Liberation) and Gainesville Women’s Liberation. Most recently (2012-14) it was used by National Women’s Liberation in their fight to get the Morning After Pill (MAP) available over the counter and without a prescription, as women shared experiences of needing the morning after pill and not being able to easily access it. This led to many of the actions that contributed to the victory of MAP now being accessible without a prescription and over the counter in pharmacies n the U.S.

This program will also include a Feminist News Roundup.

August 13, 9-10 pm: A conversation with Meghan Murphy on the Amnesty International stand on decriminalization of “sex work” and Sunsara Taylor on women in Mississippi–a state with one remaining abortion clinic

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Joy of Resistance proudly presents two interviews with passionate feminists on some of the most important current issues facing women.

We will speak with Meghan Murphy, founder of Feminist Current, Canada’s most widely read feminist blog, on the recent decision by Amnesty International to work toward the decriminalization of “sex work”/prostitution.

We’ll also speak with Sunsara Taylor of Stop Patriarchy on her recent trip to Jackson, Mississippi, where she spoke with women who have had to travel hundreds of miles, escape abuse and endure anti-abortion shaming and harassment in order to assert their constitutional right to control their own bodies–in a state in which there is only one abortion clinic left.

We’ll also cover the feminist news, including stories on the abolition of genital mutilation in Nigeria, the end of “gendered toys” at Target, what Donald Trump’s public misogyny means for women and the African American women who was subjected to a public vaginal search in a parking lot.

Rosita Libre de Marulanda will be co-hosting with Fran Luck.