Sunday, Dec 4, 6-7 PM: “Identity Politics”, Feminism & the Election–guest: Susan Cox; excerpts from National Women’s Liberation post-election speak-out

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The above is a quote form an article by our guest, Susan Cox, from and article in, entitled: Women’s Issues Aren’t Just “Identity Politics.”

She will be our guest on Joy of Resistance this Sunday, in a far ranging discussion that will encompass the history and meanings of the term “identity politics”; how it has been used to belittle and trivialize women’s issues, including related historical incarnations such as the Communist movement’s labeling of feminism “bourgeois”–to the current left’s use of the tem “identity politics”–and why the structural nature of womnen’s oppression is much deeper than “identity.”

We will also be playing excerpts from the huge women’s meeting that took place in response to the election, on November 15 in answer to the call from National Women’s Liberation: “Women, let’s meet to organize the Resistance.”


Our show will also include feminist news and music

“What’s on your feminist mind?”–new monthly segment on last Sundays: groups of women rap on issues of their lives; What’s up with the “Women’s March on Washington”?

 Joy of Resistance is now heard on Sundays at 6-7 PM on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM (EST), and streams at . Follow us on twitter at @joyofresistance Email us at Donate to WBAI at

“What’s on Your Feminist Mind?” is the name of a new monthly Joy of Resistance segment that we are presenting on the last Sunday of each month.

For this segment we invite a group of women to be live in the studio (and on the phone) and take turns describing to the group (and listeners) the burning issues confronting them as women in our society. After all have spoken, we try to draw conclusions from what has been said. We may then open up the discussion to listener call-ins.

The women who will be speaking this week are of different ages and ethnic groups. We met some of them on the night of November 15, at the spontaneous speakout that took place in a local park after hundreds were turned away from the National Women’s Liberation meeting called to “organize the resistance”–so we think much of the talk will center on responses to the presidential election–though there could be other issues also.

From Consciousness Raising (CR) to the Internet, the core of the feminist movement has always been women simply talking to each other and sharing experiences–then taking action based on what they learned in these conversations. Much is now known about what issues need to be addressed for women to be equal in society, but going back to CR grounds us and keeps us checking on ourselves and deepening our insight.

In our Feminist News Segment, we’ll have a report on plans for the “Women’s March on Washington” with Farah Diaz-Tello.  There is much controversy around this march, whose name has been changed and likely will be again, as the women who hastily announced it right after the election, did not do so with full input from communities of color and chose names that had already had been used by past Civil Rights Movement marches. A group of Women of Color are now attempting to make sure that the march is both safe, successful and that that early mistakes are being corrected and the march is still on! Farah Diaz-Tello has been in touch with the core organizers and has been an an informal advisor to them.

Some other links to articles on the “Women’s March on Washington”:









Sun, Nov 20, 6-7PM: Gloria Allred, lawyer for Trump accuser who won’t bow to threats; Marc Fliedner on prosecuting gropers; Jodeen Olguin-Tayler on letter by 100 Woman-of-Color Leaders.

 Joy of Resistance is now heard on Sundays at 6-7 PM on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM (EST), and streams at . Follow us on twitter at @joyofresistance Email us at Donate to WBAI at

Donald Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women–but said it was “just talk”. Then, 12 women came forth and said he’d done it to them–sparking a national conversation about men who grope–with over a million tweets by women who said it had happened to them also. It suddenly seemed hard to find a woman who didn’t have her own story about being groped by a stranger.

The mainstream media has moved on, but Joy of Resistance is staying on the case and continuing to make visible the usually invisible and normalized groping of women by men.


This Sunday, Nov. 20, 6-7 pm, we will interview noted attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing Summer Zervos, one of the “Trump 12”, who, despite threats and harassment, says she will not be intimidated into silence. Allred and Zervos held a press conference on November 11 and announced that Zervos will not be intimidated by Trump’s threats to sue her and other women who have spoken out about his assaultive behavior toward them.

We’ll also speak with former ADA Marc Fliedner, who has prosecuted sex crimes and wrote a story in the Daily News entitled “How to prosecute Donald Trump or another alleged groper: A former sex-crimes prosecutor points the way” on the legal options available for women who experience this form of sexual assault.

Our last guest: Jodeen Olguin-Tayler, an organizer of the #GOPhandsoffme demonstrations last month, will speak about the just-released “Letter to the Nation by 100 Woman of Color Leaders” in which, post election, the signers pledge to “open a new chapter in our country’s long, difficult journey towards the promise of liberty and justice for all.”


In our feminist news segment, we’ll talk about a meeting on November 15 called to “organize the resistance” by National Women’s Liberation–to which 700  women showed up and overflowed a hall booked for 200–as well as other feminist news stories.


Sun, Nov 13, 6-7PM: The future of abortion & birth control in Trump’s America; Merle Hoffman, Farah Diaz-Tello, Chrisine Grimaldi

 Joy of Resistance is now heard on Sundays at 6-7 PM on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM (EST), and streams at . Follow us on twitter at @joyofresistance Email us at Donate to WBAI at

Joy of Resistance will try to parse out the likely future of abortion & birth control under a Trump Administration, with guests: Merle Hoffman, Farah Diaz-Tello and Christine Grimaldi

Within his first 100 days in office, Donald Trump has said that he intends to:

1) Appoint a Supreme Court Justice who will vote to overturn Roe v Wade (the federal law that made abortion legal in 1973) in a new rightwing-majority Court. He has said he would leave the legal status of abortion up to individual states.

2) Move to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare), which will leave 20 million people without health insurance and particularly affect women of childbearing age who rely on the ACA for no-copay (free) birth control, saving women about 1.4 billion dollars per year. Some women are advising others to get an IUD quickly and also to stock up on birth control pills and abortifacient pills!

3) Back the Republican Congress in making the Hyde Amendment (which forbids Medicaid to cover abortion) into permanent law (it is currently a “rider” that must be renewed each year).

Our guests in the discussion will be:

1) Merle Hoffman, founder and CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Center on what it was like before 1973 when abortion legality was up to individual states. Merle, who opened her first abortion clinic in in New York State in 1971, when abortion was illegal in most of the country but legal in NYS, will talk about what that era was really like–and how she sees the future for reproductive rights.

2) Farah Diaz-Tello, an attorney who has worked with National Advocates for Pregnant Women and is now Senior Counsel for the Self Induced Abortion (SIA) Legal Team.

Two days ago she tweeted: “With Obama’s election, there was a run on guns. With Trump, there is a run on IUDs. The difference is sobering.”

3) Christine Grimaldi, who writes for Rewire, on her recent article: Democrats Ready Congressional Resistance to Looming Anti-Choice Attacks

We will also be playing topical feminist music throughout the show.


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Sunday, Nov 6, 5-7PM: Last show of Fall Fund Drive w/great feminist pkg offer; Election Eve (Eve) Special featuring 10,000 “nasty women” @ Trump HQs; +”hate groups & the election”

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The Joy of Resistance Election Eve (Eve) Special will be the LAST show of WBAI’s Fall Fund Drive. We’ll be offering an incredible package to listeners who pledge to support the station. We’ll also examine some of the events of these last days before the election with our feminist news and some great interviews.


Jodeen Olguin-Tayler, Vice President, Policy and Strategic Partnerships with , one of the organizers the 10,000 women who demonstrated in late October by surrounding Trump buildings and campaign headquarters nationwide, in a response to Trump’s bragging about sexual assault. Organized with hashtags such as #GOPhandsoffme and #notokay–and sporting signs declaring “Nasty Women” and “Pussy Grabs Back”, these were powerful feminist demonstrations that were women-of-color led.


Ryan Lenz of The Southern Poverty Law Center–which tracks hate groups in the U.S–on the increase in hate groups and their mainstreaming by the Trump campaign–as well as the possibility that hate-group threats of interference with voting on Tuesday will be carried out.

Jenny Brown, of National Women’s Liberation, who will discuss NWL’s recent election statement–which is both feminist and leftist.

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Links to News Stories in Feminist News Segment of show

Marjorie Cohn on Supreme Court and Trump

A Trump advisor has called Clinton the C-word

Trump has 75 open lawsuits

Comey letter to Congress

Thousands of Icelandic women cut work day short over pay gap

Polish abortion protests must continue

*Feminist Music Extravaganza (A musical tour hosted by Fran Luck and Maretta Short)


Rutha Harris and the SNCC Freedom Singers We Shall Not Be Moved

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Early Radical Feminist music: The New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Band’s “Abortion Song” (1972), written when abortion was still illegal in the U.S

Sandy Rapp‘s raging folk ballad “Remember Rose” (c 1989), about Rosie Jimenez, the first woman to die of an illegal abortion after the Hyde Amendment cut off Medicaid Funding for abortions

Dore Previn’s hilarious sendup of patriarchal religion: “Did Jesus Have a Baby Sister?” (1974);

Jolie Rickman‘s rock’n’roll parody on looks-ism: “Suffer to be Beautiful” (2000)

Rebel Voices’ “Daycare” (2003): Clever new lyrics to the Calypso tune Day-O–from a working mother’s perspective

Queen Latifah‘s classic rap song “U.N.I.T.Y.” (1993) takes on street harassment and violence against women

“FYR” (Fifty Years of Ridicule) (2003) by Le Tigre; blistering grrrrllllpunk spits out the truth about the state of women

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Sunday, Oct 16, 6-7PM: What does the exposure of Trump’s sexual assaults mean for women? A discussion with listener phone calls

Joy of Resistance is now heard on Sundays at 6-7 PM on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM (EST), and streams at . Follow us on twitter at @joyofresistance Email us at Donate to WBAI at

Since Friday, October 7, when the Washington Post released a video of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women, including “grabbing them by the pussy,” the story has not only caused Trump’s ratings in the polls to dive, but has motivated a number of women to come forward with stories of their own about how the presidential candidate groped or kissed them without their consent. After Trump tried to dismiss the tape as mere “locker room banter,” claiming he would never act on such impulses, two more women reported to the New York Times on October 14 that they had been sexually assaulted by Trump in ways similar to his bragging in the video.

These have been added to other testimonies by women, including one from a People Magazine reporter for a total of 9 such stories having surfaced, among speculation about just how many there are. There are now a number or articles counting the total number of women claiming Trump assaulted them.

This has created huge outcry from women and many men, and there seems to be a heightened consciousness right now of how widespread and even normalized this behavior is and how many women experience it.

On this show, Joy of Resistance will be attempting to deepen this moment as we take listener phone calls  at 347-335-0818 and hold a discussion in-studio with host-producer Fran Luck and long-time feminist activist Peg Rapp and present some of the recent material around these events, including portions of Michelle Obama’s moving speech on this subject.

We’ll be asking for stories of women who have experienced unwanted sexual predatoriness and harassment, why they did or didn’t speak up. We’ll be asking men to be honest with us about their experience of “locker room talk” about women. We’ll be looking at the affect on women’s work lives, psyches, and how we can combat the “entitlement” to women’s bodies that Donald Trump and so many men in this culture, claim for themselves.

Hope you can tune in and talk with us on the air at 347-335-0818.



Sunday, Oct 2, 6-7 pm: Hyde Amendment at 40; US women react to Trump’s misogyny; Equal Means Equal–a new feminist film

Joy of Resistance is now heard on Sundays at 6-7 PM on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM (EST), and streams at . Follow us on twitter at @joyofresistance Email us at Donate to WBAI at

~The Hyde Amendment–which cut off Medicaid funding for abortion in 1976–is 40 years old this week and a fierce campaign is revving up to finally overturn it. We’ll speak with Imani Gandy, Senior Legal Analyst at Rewire (a major reproductive justice resource blog) and and co-host at This Week in Blackness Prime, about the history of Hyde and how it impacts poor women, young women and women of color.


We’ll also look at how the exposure of Donald Trump’s fat-shaming of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado reveals another despicable chapter of his misogyny–one that may precipitate his loss to Hillary Clinton, as women across the country react and turn against him.trump9-640x460

Lastly, we’ll speak with Kamala Lopez, director of a new film that examines the status of women in the U.S.–“Equal Means Equal“–and makes the case for the need for the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified.


We’ll also present the Feminist News Roundup and great feminist music!