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  1. Hi, Fran, It was great to run into you at the Unite Women demo. Too bad none of the mainstream women’s groups got behind it and turned out numbers. We need a massive united women’s movement at this time. But you know that! Hope you’ll take a look at my website and blog ( and invite me to be on your program. I’d love to talk about why I wrote the book. There’s an article that appeared in the winter issue of about that. So good you’re still in struggle and you now that two shows on WBAI every month! Take good care, Sue Davis

    • Hi Sue,

      I would like to include you in one of our upcoming shows this Fall/Winter. Not sure of topics yet–there will be many opportunities to talk about what’s going on with reproductive rights and what it all means. When you are a guest, we can also give some time to your book. Meanwhile, it would be great if you could get a review copy sent to the station (in the name of Joy of Resistance) so I can read it. Or if you want me to get in touch with your publisher, let me know how.

      Good seeing you at Louis Reyes Rivera’s memorial. Definitely want to be in touch.


  2. Hi, Fran, So good to hear from you. I would enjoy an opportunity to talk about the struggle for reproductive justice — which is more intense now than I ever remember it — and my book. I’ll mail you a copy of the novel tomorrow. Looking forward to doing your show. Yes, very good to see you at Louis’s memorial. In sisterhood and struggle, Sue

  3. Hi, Fran, Took me longer than I anticipated to mail you the book (on vacation Sept. 2-9). I finally got a copy off to you on Sept. 21. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    In sisterhood and struggle, Sue

  4. Hi, Fran, Did you ever receive the copy of my book, “Love Means Second Chances,” which I mailed to you on Sept. 21? As the 40th anniversary of legal abortion approaches, I hope to hear from you about my talking about the ongoing struggle for reproductive justice on your show. In solidarity, Sue Davis

  5. Listening to your recent show on rape, i was reminded of the movies made about Kitty Genovese, where neighbors heard her being murdered and did not even call the police, and of the movie about the woman in MA raped on a pool table in a bar — Jodie Foster played her in the movie “The Accused.” That story, according to the movie, had at least some of the onlookers convicted. It seems we have not progressed at all as a society in all those yrs; in fact, it may be worse than ever before in this country. The disgusting addition of social media which surrounds the Steubonville rape do show how rape and misogyny are welcomed, and how women have become part of the problem, as those who are cowed into supporting it as well.

  6. Fran- Just heard your wonderful show tonite, Aug 4th, on Margaret Sanger, featuring Sabrina Jones. I missed the full name of the other guest from something like the Reproductive Justice Center, whose name was something like Margaret Ross, but I cannot find her on google.
    I am a semi retired award-winning journalist and now social venture software entrepreneur.
    and reachable at DavidvGoliath at G

    • Gary, sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. I thank you for it! The name of the guest who made the recording in which she spoke positively about Margaret Sanger and the Black community, is Loretta Ross, who is the founder of SisterSong: A Woman of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. You should easily be able to find out more about her on any search engine.

      Thanks again–and hope you keep listening. BTW, our show will move to Sundays at 6 pm on September 18th.

  7. i noticed that the new time slot, sundays 6 pm, for joy of resistance, follows two latino/a shows. i listened to your show on the archives for this past sunday, sept 18th, 6 pm, and thought – how brilliant! – to start off by playing the recording of the conference of the women who had been in the young lords party (1968-74), a latino/a group that modeled itself on the black panther party and carved its own important path. your selection of subject matter was a creative way to introduce your (possibly new? possibly latino/a?) audience to joy of resistance by combining a shared history, latino/a’s contributions to the revolutionary struggles and women speaking out about altering the course of her / his – story. the show itself was riveting and eye opening. thank you for your momentous radio-work!

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