Sun, Aug 6, 6-8 pm: Women in Comix & Sci-Fi 2-hour Special! Featuring “The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen” & “Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures”

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On August 6, 6-8 pm (EDT), Joy of Resistance will present a Women in Comix and Science Fiction Special, featuring two terrific books for your summer reading pleasure: “The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen” and “Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures”

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Joy of Resistance’ Fran Luck and comic book historians Ken Gale and Mercy Van Vlack will explore 80 years of women in comics and the history of comics, and in return for supporting WBAI, Listener Sponsored Non-Commercial Radio, we will offer listeners the newly released book:

The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen: Awesome Female Characters from Comic Book History (4)

A collection highlighting some of the most noteworthy, memorable, and outrageous female characters from throughout comic book history, ranging from the beginning of the comic book industry’s first major book in the 1920s to the present.

Released this year, it’s a 240 page hardcover book (Quirk Books), lavishly illustrated, beautifully designed and in full color, divided into decades (1930’s-2010’s) for easy reference, with historic notes by the author Hope Nicholson–who will be joining us by phone during the show!

This comprehensive book will introduce you to 101 female comix characters, most including vintage reproductions of their of the original strips in which they appeared–it’s a real collector’s item! “The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen” will be sent to you as a “thank you” gift when you make a pledge of $60.00 to support WBAI.

From left: Torchy Brown, one of the first African American women in comics (1938); Miss Fury, 1941-52; Maureen Marine, Queen of Atlantis, first appeared 1944

During the program we will be speaking with comic book historians Ken Gale and Mercy Van Vlack who will share with you their knowledge of the history and development comics, as well as the long uphill struggle of women heros and superheroes to be featured in this usually male dominated media industry. biketopiacover_copy0_lg


Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures

by Elly Blue

Yes! Feminist Bicycle Stories!! And, believe it or not, it’s part of a four-part series called “Bikes in Space” (talk about a niche within a niche!). These stories are unique–and they are well written–GET READY TO STEP INTO THE UNKNOWN!

Twelve writers tackle extreme utopias and apocalyptic or political dystopias—and the grey areas in between. Some find love and fierce resistance in the end times; others imagine an ecological future of saving technology, with solarpunk ecotopian visions, at times paired with crushing social control. Whatever your own future or present reality, these stories will motivate and inspire you to envision something different… and maybe even better.

We’ll send you this newly released book for a pledge of ONLY $35.00!

And you can have both books for a pledge of $75.00 ($10.00 savings).

When you call (516) 620-3602 (please call during our fund-drive show, 6-8 PM (EDT), say you want the “Superwoman Pack” and you will get both books. If you want them singly, ask for them by name.

Below are links for each book–and the package of both–that will take you to WBAI’s website, where you can pledge for them through the internet.


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