On Wed., April 16, 9-10pm, Joy of Resistance presents: The Wage Gap, the Truth Gap and the Criminalization of Pregnancy

Heard at WBAI, 99.5 FM, 9-10 PM–1st & 3rd Wednesdays–Tweet: @joyofresistance

Guests: Farrah Diaz Tello, Staff Attorney with National Advocates for Pregnant Women; Joan Entmacher, Vice President, National Women’s Law Center. Plus a recorded testimony of poet/novelist/activist Marge Piercy speaking on her personal experience growing up when abortion was illegal in the U.S.

The wage gap between men and women has stubbornly refused to budge since the early 2000′s and, according to a new report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, has retreated a few % points since 2011. It remains at 77 cents, 64 and 54 cents for white women, African American and Latinas, respectively, as compared to each dollar earned by a white male. What are the factors behind the persistence of the wage gap–and how can we narrow, and, sooner rather than later, eliminate it? We’ll be speaking with Joan Entmacher, Vice President of the National Women’s Law Center on this and related questions.

A law just passed in Tennessee threatens to create a new class of crime that is only applicable to pregnant women. Under it, a woman who miscarries or gives birth to a baby with abnormalities, could be faced with charges of reckless endangerment or assault and up to 15 years in prison. Over the past decade there have been a number of arrests women of color in Southern States who have faced similar charges, usually over alleged drug use during pregnancy. A national coalition has formed to fight such cases, led by the National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW). It is mounting a campaign to get the Governor of Tennessee to veto this bill before it becomes law. Our guest will be Farrah Diaz Tello, a staff attorney with NAPW.

We’ll also hear a moving testimony from poet/novelist/activist Marge Piercy, about her own abortion as a teenager and what life was like for women before abortion was legalized.

Hosted by Fran Luck and Lorena Ambrosio.

On Wednesday, March 5, @ 8-10 PM, Joy of Resistance is proud to present: “Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation” a film by Jennifer Lee, with clips from the film and a discussion with the Director

WBAI can be heard at 99.5 FM in the tri state area. It streams at WBAI.org

As part of the WBAI Winter Fund Drive and to kick off Women’s History Month, Joy of Resistance 70) that we have yet come across: Jennifer Lee’s marvelous new film “Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation.” Just out, and having already garnered two awards–the “Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival: Best of Festival Documentary” and “Official Selection of the Cincinnati Film Festival”, this film has not yet been shown in theaters and, at present, is only available to the general public through WBAI.
In her introduction to the film, Lee shares with us that she was motivated to go on the quest that became the film, because she couldn’t figure out why the word “feminist,” when it came up among members of her generation, was whispered as if it were scary and somehow shameful. This led her to question why she didn’t know more stories from the feminist movement so that she could pass them on to those of later generations for whom this history was a blank. She decided to fly around the country and interview as many of the movement’s originators as she could find (“they are all around us”) and reclaim feminist history for her generation, by listening to “their stories”.    
Lee interviewed, among others, Betty Friedan (Friedan’s last video interview before she passed), Aileen Hernandez, the first head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Kathie Sarachild, a founder of Redstockings and a worker in the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); Frances Beal, founder of the SNCC Black Women’s Liberation Committee; and author of Triple Jeopardy; Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton–and many others.
Punctuated by an astonishing amount of period footage and an energetic sound-track, as well as wit and humor, the film begins with a glimpse of what life was like for women in the U.S. before the feminist movement (starting with women having been ousted from well paying factory/munitions jobs after WWll); the “happy housewife” propaganda of the 1950′s and Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking book: The Feminine Mystique; John F. Kennedy’s 1963 President’s Council on the Status of Women; the influence of SNCC and the Civil Rights Movement; the fight  to get women included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964–and how it led to the founding of theNational Organization for Women (NOW); the Miss America Beauty Pageant Protest; the Ladies’ Home Journal sit-in and the Women’s Strike for Equality that included placing a banner saying WOMEN OF THE WORLD UNITE! on the Statue of Liberty. Many of the feminist goals raised in the film are still being fought for today, some 50 years later–such as full access to reproductive rights and universal childcare–and the film provides a useful underpinning for understanding our movements today.
A DVD of Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation will be sent as a thank you gift to those who contribute $50. to WBAI.
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Wed., Feb. 12: Custody, Child Abuse and the trope of “A Woman Scorned”–an elaboration of issues raised by Dylan Farrow’s Open Letter

Wednesday, February 12, 9-9:30 PM (EST), tune in to WBAI, 99.5 FM as Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio or stream live at wbai.org

Dylan Farrow‘s February 1st “Open Letter” in the New York Times, detailing her story of sexual abuse by her father Woody Allen, when she was seven, has become the center of enormous controversy over the last 10 days. Allen has responded to the letter by denying that any abuse took place and blaming the allegation on a “vengeful lover”–ex-partner Mia Farrow–whom, he says “implanted false memories” in the then-seven-year-old Dylan (who is now 28).

In this program we will will be looking at some common themes between this set of events and other custody cases where abuse is alleged. Fran Luck will be in discussion with our guest Attorney Lisa Wolovick, who has practiced family and matrimonial law for 25 years, specializing in representing battered women in custody cases. Wolovick is also a practicing Social Worker and teaches at the Fordham Graduate School of Social Work.

We’ll be looking at a number of questions raised by the Farrow/Allen controversy, including: traumatic memories and how they work; whether and when memories can be “implanted”; the history of the use of the stereotypic trope: “hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned” to explain female motivation; the pseudo science of “Parental Alienation Syndrome” (P.A.S.)–a theory which assumes allegations of abuse to be attempts at “alienating the child from the other parent” and often results in the awarding of custody to abusers–and much more…

If time allows, we will be taking phone calls.

The show can also be streamed live at wbai.org (where it will also be archived for 90 days). Joy of Resistance will be airing every Wednesday in February, 9-9:30 PM.

In our next show on February 19, we will examine the leadership of the Civil Rights Movement by Black women, with Professor Carol Giardina, author of “Freedom for Women: Forging the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1953-1970.”

WBAI is a 54 year old alternative, non-commercial radio station, part of the Pacifica Network. We are in the midst of a critical fund drive and need your support to continue to bring you programs that are not dependent on–and therefore limited by–the dictates of corporate funding. So please give generously by going to give2wbai.org or calling (212) 209-2950, Thank you!

Feminist News Stories for January 15, 2012

January 15: Supreme Court heard arguments on “buffer zones” around clinics

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on whether state and local governments can create safety buffer zones around reproductive health clinics to protect patients, doctors and healthcare workers from harassment, intimidation and violence.

Buffer zones currently protect more than 35 percent of clinics in the nation. Three states and dozens of municipalities protect their clinics with buffer zones. According to Feminist Majority Foundation’s Eleanor Smeal, if the Massachusetts buffer zone law is struck down, it will surely embolden violent, anti-abortion extremists.

Many clinics are still not protected by buffer zones and women who try to attempt to enter these clinics regularly experience harassment, threats and intimidation by self appointed “sidewalk couselors” who try to shame them about their decision to have an abortion.

The first lawsuit in the nation on buffer zones was brought to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1994. That case, Madsen v. Women’s Health Center, established the constitutionality of an injunction creating a clinic safety buffer zone for a Florida clinic.


Federal anti-abortion legislation makes its way through committee

On Jan. 9, the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee held a hearing on HR-7, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”The subcommttee, headed by Rep. Trent Franks, (R-AZ)s comprised of 12 male lawmakers is considering sweeping restrictions in abortion laws that would make the proceedure less affordable for women accross the country. HR-7 is not just about Federal spending but would actually reach into people’s private insurance plans by forcing small businesses to pay additional taxes if they offer employees health plans that include abortion. It would also eliminate medical expense deductions for abortion except in cases of rape, incest or life endangerment. NARAL Pro-Choice America points out that it would enable the IRS to make the final decision about what “counts” as rape, incest or life endangerment, in effect conducting an audit on rape victims to make sure they are not committing fraud. Without insurance coverage an abortion can cost between $300 and $10,000, endangering access to anyone who is low-income.

Latest update on this story: The Bill has been “marked up”, ie, is ready to go to the floor..





Guttmacher Report: More Attacks on Reproductive Rights in Past Three Years Than in Entirety of Previous Decade

A study published last week by the Guttmacher Institute reveals that the last three years have seen more legislative attacks on reproductive rights than the entire previous decade.

Since 2011, 205 new restrictions on abortion have cleared state legislatures, while only 189 were enacted from 2001-2010. The most were passed in 2011, with 83, and 2013 came in second with 70. Twenty-seven states are now considered to be hostile to abortion rights, up from just 13 in 2000. These hostile states that limit access and rights to abortion are home to 56 percent of US women.

Almost half of the abortion restrictions enacted since 2011 fall into one of four categories: targeted restrictions on abortion providers (TRAP), limitations on insurance coverage of abortion, 20 week abortion bans, and restrictions for medication abortion. States have also adopted restrictions involving parental notification, waiting periods, counseling and ultrasounds, among other issues. Pro-choice groups have been able to tie some of these measures up in court by filing lawsuits, but the outcomes for many are uncertain. The Supreme Court will soon take up an Oklahoma law that could outlaw all drug-induced abortions. Fortunately, some states, like California, have passed laws expanding abortion access and comprehensive sex education.




California Bill Would Change Reporting Requirements for Rapes on College Campuses

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto introduced a state bill this week that would change the rules for reporting rapes on college campuses in an effort to hold universities more accountable. AB 1433 would amend California’s Education Code to require hate crimes and violent crimes, including rape, that are received by a university’s campus law enforcement agency to be immediately reported to the police (the exception being if there is an objection from the victim of a rape)..

Gatto became interested in the subject after Occidental College in CA, failed to report dozens of sexual assault allegations in 2010 and 2011, which he suspects was to improve their image.

And for an overview of this subject, please access Joy of Resistance’ Dec. 4 Pacifica National Program: “Sprouts”, which was entitled Rape & Rape Culture on Campus and the Feminist fight-back”, and which you can find by going to pacificanetwork.org and clicking on the Sprouts box.

Extremist Opposition Groups in Syria imposing human rights violations on women in areas they control

Human Rights Watch is reporting that certain extremist armed opposition groups are imposing strict and discriminatory rules on women and girls in areas under their control–that have no basis in Syrian law.The harsh rules violate women’s and girls’ human rights and limit their ability to carry out essential daily activities.

Refugees interviewed said that the groups Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) have enforced their interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law, by requiring women and girls to wear headscarves (hijabs) and full-length robes (abayas), in some areas the niqab, which covers a woman’s face except for her eyes–and that those who do not comply have been threatened with punishment. In some areas, the groups are imposing discriminatory measures prohibiting women and girls, particularly those who do not abide by the dress code, from moving freely in public, working, and attending school–in other areas women are being banned altogether from working outside or even leaving their homes without a male relative. One of the interviewees reported “”We could not go to the market. Freedom was gone for us [women]. It was like we were in jail.”

“Extremist groups like ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra are undermining the freedoms that Syria’s women and girls enjoyed, which were a longtime strength of Syrian society,” said Liesl Gerntholtz, women’s rights director at Human Rights Watch.

Syria does not have a state-mandated religion and its constitution protects freedom of religion.



Expanded Childcare services on the horizon in New York City

And in NYC, with the election of a new Mayor (Bill De Blasio) who has promised to make the expansion of daycare/Pre-K/and After School Programs a top priority of his administration, women may be a step closer to meeting the overwhelming need for these services in NYC. Childcare was an early demand of the Women’s Liberation Movement, as without it, women cannot work or pursue other activities and at the same time raise children. We’ll be airing an interview with Neal Tepel, former organizer with DC 1707, who has been active on this issue for awhile. We’ll also hear, etc.

Wed., Jan. 15, 9-10 pm–Then and Now: New Hope for Childcare in New York City–plus: Reclaiming our Feminist History

Joy of Resistance airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 9-10 pm (EST) at 99.5 FM in the tri-state area & streams live at wbai.org. JOR tweets at @joyofresistance

We’ll start the show by touching on some of the major issues for women’s rights in 2013 and what we are facing in the new legislative session–as well as announcing events for the upcoming 41st Anniversary of Roe v.Wade on January 22.

There is new hope in New York City for progress on a longstanding feminist demandaffordable and accessible childcare (including Pre-K and After-school programs) for all–now that we have a new Mayor who has pledged to prioritize this issue.

Our first interview will be with Neal Tepel, who was an organizer with DC 1707 (the Union of daycare workers) which led the fight against former Mayor Bloomberg‘s decimation of the city’s daycare system. Neal will help us assess the state of these critical facilities today, catch us up on recent history and try to see the shape of daycare’s immediate future in NYC. We’ll also play a portion of our 2010 interview with Professor Rosalyn Baxandall, who was part of the original feminist direct action movement that won for New York City a daycare system that was a model for the rest of the country.

In the 2nd half of the show, we’ll speak with Jennifer Lee, director and creator of the new film Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation–which just  won the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival as “Best in the Festival for Documentary”–but which, more importantly, has the approval of many of the movement pioneers–approval difficult to come by, as this group was actually there  and has had to see its history distorted many times over.The documentary chronicles the story of the women’s liberation movement from 1963 to 1970. Beginning in 2005, Lee traveled the country interviewing many of the women who created modern feminism.

Lee introduces the film by telling her audience that she was motivated to go on this quest because she couldn’t figure out why the word “feminist”, when it came up in the conversations of her generation, was whispered, as if it were a scary and somehow shameful word. She felt that being a feminist was a good thing–but didn’t have the information whe needed in order to convince the whisperers of why she felt that way. She wondered why her feminist history had been so hidden from her and became determined to go in search of it.  

Lee interviewed, among others, Betty Friedan (Lee holds the rights to her last video interview before she passed), Aileen Hernandez (first head of the EEOC), Kathie Sarachild, (a member of Redstockings and a SNCC worker), Frances Beal (SNCC Women’s Liberation Committee and author of Triple Jeopardy), Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton–and many others. 

Punctuated by an astonishing amount of period footage and an energetic sound-track; the film touches on women in the U.S. before the feminist movement (starting with their having been ousted from well paying jobs after WWll); Betty Friedan‘s publication of the The Feminine Mystique; the President’s Council on the Status of Women; the struggles within the movement over lesbianism as well as class and race; the influence of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Civil Rights Movement; the fight to get women included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, leading to the founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW); the Miss America Beauty Pageant Protest–and up to the Ladies Home Journal sit-in and the Women’s Strike for Equality. Many of the issues you see being raised in the film by are still being struggled for today–such as full access to reproductive rights and childcare–some 50 years later! Joy of Resistance hopes to offer DVD’s of this film as a premium during WBAI’s Winter Fund Drive in February.

Campus rape and rape culture on JOR November 6

On Wednesday, November 6, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will present “Rape and Rape Culture on Campus—And the New Feminist Fight-Back” featuring interviews with student and faculty activists, as well as Soraya Chemaly and Gloria Allred.

WBAI is heard at 99.5 FM in the New York City area and streams live at www.wbai.org. Programs are archived for 90 days.

Across the country colleges and universities are under investigation by the Federal government for their sexual assault policies because of complaints brought under Title IX—the part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act dealing with the right of women to equal educational opportunity. According to statistics, between 20 and 28% of female college students will experience rape by a male student while at college—making going to college a high risk activity for rape. All women (and all men) on campus will encounter some variant of campus culture that features the promotion of rape as a “sport” and “fun activity” for college men—also known as “campus rape culture.”

Last but not least is a widespread pattern of colleges and universities, in the interest of maintaining their schools’ reputations, enrollment and funding base—downplaying and covering up assaults of women students, discouraging women from filing complaints, blaming them for their attacks and allowing even admitted rapists back on campus—all activities and omissions that have fueled the newest wave of Title IX complaints. A partial list of colleges that have recently come under Federal investigation and/or have had private civil lawsuits filed against them, include: Yale University; University of Southern California; University of California at Berkeley; University of North Carolina; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Dartmouth College; Swarthmore College; Occidental College and the University of Connecticut.

On Wednesday, November 6th at 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will present: Rape and Rape Culture on Campus—and the New Feminist Fightback. In this program we will examine these intertwining issues and the future of the fight-back.

Our guests will be: Dana Daniels, a New York University student whose recent article on rape culture at NYU sparked internet retaliation; Soraya Chemaly, activist-blogger on rape culture who will describe in detail its manifestations on a number of campuses; Mia Ferguson, student activist and a founder of End Rape on Campus, who will talk about the growing fightback movement by students; Gloria Allred, noted Civil Rights Attorney, who recently led a suit against Occidental College and has just announced another against the University of Connecticut; and outspoken faculty activists Professor Danielle Dirks and Professor Caroline Heldman, who were instrumental in organizing women students at Occidental College as well as the national movement.

This program will include worldwide feminist news headlines and information on legal resources for campus sexual assault survivors. It was produced by Executive Producer Fran Luck and Associate Producers Karen Anton and Lorena Ambrosio.

Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, at 9-10 PM. We cover the ongoing worldwide struggle of women for full equality and human rights. You can follow us at twitter.com/joyofresistance and follow/read our blog at joyofresistance.wordpress.com. Programs stream live at wbai.org, where they are also archived for 90 days.


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From October 1-25, WBAI will be in fund-drive mode, in what is considered to be a make-or-break fund-raiser for the beloved 53 year old radio station that is responsible for the very political and cultural ground on which so many of us walk! A caller to a recent WBAI Report to the Listener, summarized WBAI when he described his travels across country this summer, while listening to his car radio: “BAI is so unique…there is nothing out there that compares with it.”

Reports of WBAI’s death “have been greatly exaggerated.” Despite a terrible year financially that saw us perilously close to losing our transmitter signal and included a move to a much smaller space–WBAI is beginning to recover. We have a new home in Brooklyn and are starting to catch up with bills. Yet the the future remains uncertain and there are some on the Pacifica National Board (Pacifica is WBAI’s parent network and owns its license) who want to take WBAI off the air (through “leasing it out”) in order to cover expenses. The best way to make sure this does not happen and that WBAI will not only survive but thrive, is for the October fund drive to be a success. So I am asking you to pledge as if the fate of the station depended on it–because it does.

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Women need this kind of in-depth coverage–and men need to hear it also. Joy of Resistance covers the ongoing and worldwide struggle for full equality of women that is being waged in every country and culture on the planet. We need WBAI to survive and thrive–and we need Joy of Resistance to continue to bring you the highest and deepest level of feminist coverage.

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**Connections between the Civil Rights March of 1963–and the founding of the National Organization for Women. Another untold story! An investigation & conversation with Zoharah Simmons, Maretta Short and Fran Luck featuring readings from the works of Pauli Murray, Betty Friedan and William P. Jones.

**Promise and Betrayal: Voices from the Struggle for Women’s Emancipation, 1776-1920: A play by Carol Hanisch. The complete recording of the Joy or Resistance production, with original music by Carol Hanisch, arranged by Carol Hanish and Bev Grant; based on the actual speeches and writings of Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others active in the struggle for the vote.

**A Critique of “Makers”–Original Radical Feminists Kathie Sarachild, Carol Hanisch along with Kathy Scarbrough critique the PBS series that purports to be the last word on “the women’s movement.”

**The Real History of the Miss America Pageant Protest of 1968 The protest in Atlantic City that put the Women’s Liberation Movement on the map.

**Recordings from the first Abortion Speak Out–organized by Redstockings in 1969 Abortion was illegal in the U.S. when these women risked arrest to admit publicly that they’d had one.

**Abortion as a Human Right: An original production covering the history of reproductive rights. .

**Remembering Shulie–Two interviews with peers of movement pioneer Shulamith Firestone who died last August. Kathie Sarachild and Jo Freeman, who both worked with Firestone in the early days of the movement, contribute both moving tributes and stories of the real history of the birth of the movement–that you’ve never heard before!

**A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s by Stephanie Coontz. An interview with the author examining the situation of women just before the beginning of the Second Wave–and what changed.

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**Occupy Wall Street and the fight against sexism A 10 minute feature, chosen to represent WBAI as part of the Pacifica National Broadcast of 2011: Women of OWS share their experiences.

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