Thurs, June 25, 9-10pm: Caroline Fredrickson, author: “Under the Bus: How Working Women Are Being Run Over”; Stephanie Huffaker (National Women’s Liberation): “THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN”–the 1969 vintage Redstockings sticker makes a comeback

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According to Caroline Fredrickson, author of the newly released “Under the Bus: How Working Women Are Being Run Over , the majority of the lowest paid and insecure jobs in the U.S. today are held by women–especially women of color. As income inequality grows, this ‘service sector’ is growing even faster. And while labor protection laws, such as overtime pay and equal pay for equal work, have been passed in the U.S. for over 100 years, they have been purposely crafted to not include these many women and minority workers.

During The New Deal, FDR traded away rights of domestic workers, farm workers and others in order to secure votes of southern Democrats for labor benefits that would accrue to white males. Today as a result, women holding low wage jobs, such as home health care aides, nannies, manicurists, housekeepers, waitresses, domestic workers, ‘independent contractors’, and ‘temps’, have zero worker protections and struggle in abject poverty and insecurity.

Women are 63% of minimum wage workers, 73% of tipped empoyees, 86% of personal care aides and 63% of part time workers. These sectors are predicted to grow, as jobs are further outsourced and the U.S. industrial base is further hollowed out.

While Cheryl Sandberg, Facebook CEO has written in her much sensationalized book on women and work: Lean In that women just have to “lean in” and be more aggressive about “asking for that raise” if they want to get ahead, Fredrickson provides poignant examples of another world in which a nanny or Walmart worker who asks for a raise–or day off to care for a sick child–is likely to be summarily fired.

In her last chapter, “Leaning Together”, Fredrickson recommends some of the reforms of a universal (not piecemeal) nature that need to be made to fix this shameful situation: getting rid of the exclusions to the New Deal that left so many out; extending benefits to workers in small businesses, temps and part time jobs; indexing the minimum wage to the cost of living; professionalizing the care industry; providing childcare and family leave–for starters.

The show will also feature an interview with Stephanie Huffaker, a member of National Women’s Liberation, the group behind the re-emergence of the vintage Redstockings 1969 sticker: “THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN” which has been making its appearance over the last week on sexist ads in New York City. One place it has appeared (see picture) is a breast augmentation/plastic surgery ad in subway cars that presents a woman looking unhappy with her “small breasts,” holding two tiny tomatoes over her chest and looking glum, next to a happy grinning version of herself holding two large melons to her chest; the ad announces that for just $3900, you can, apparently, cure this depressed condition (caused by ads like this!).

See below for THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN plastered on offensive NYC subway ad.

stickered breast implant ad

stickered breast implant ad

The show will also include feminist music and a wrap up of feminist news, including the latest attacks on abortion rights and legislation passed in New York State that will make it easier for women to report rapes on campus.


Thurs, March 26, 9-10pm: Terry O’Neill on the Republican budget & women–Kathie Sarachild on studying Women’s Liberation history to move forward

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Part 1: The Republican-controlled Congress is on a tear to tear up what little there is of the American safety net and their budget proposal directly attacks many of the programs on which women depend.

Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women will join us to talk about the Republican Budget and Women.

Part 2: Women’s History itself is the subject of the 2nd part of our last show during Women’s History Month: An interview with legendary feminist pioneer Kathie Sarachild. From her 1975 landmark essay The Power of History (Feminist Revolution), which focused on the erasure from history of the pioneers of the early-second-wave Women’s Liberation Movement and their replacement by liberal media-chosen ‘stars’–to current examples of how the knowledge of authentic women’s history and the strategies developed by early radical feminist groups are helping today’s young activists of National Women’s Liberation achieve important victories. A “DON’T MISS!” interview!

Wednesday, September 19, 9-10pm, 99.5fm Joy of Resistance Feminist Radio: Terry O’Neill and elections; Kathie Sarachild and Erin Mahoney on Shulamith Firestone; Amanda Marcotte on the Chris Brown Tatoo; Everyday Sexism (the blog) founder Laura Bates

On Wednesday, September 19, 9-10 pm, join Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI (WBAI_radio –livestreaming @ for a many dimensional feminist program, as we speak with Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (, about the Republican and Democratic conventions, Republican rhetoric on women and what’s at stake for women in the November election.

We’ll also look at what goes on daily in womens’ lives that doesn’t make the headlines with Laura Bates, founder of the popular blog “Everyday Sexism” ( in which women from all over the world simply report sexism they experience on a daily basis.

Amanda Marcotte will talk about her recent article on her take on what the new Chris Rock tattoo has in common with the advice televangelist Pat Robertson recently gave to a man whose wife wouldn’t “behave.”

And we’ll examine the roots of our movement by exploring the ongoing legacy of feminist pioneer Shulamith Firestone who passed away in late August. We’ll speak about her with another feminist pioneer, Redstockings ( member Kathie Sarachild, who worked with Firestone in the early days of the Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM)  and Erin Mahoney of National Women’s Liberation (, will read NWL’s statement-in- progress, which includes a description of how Firestone’s work inspired a younger generation. Firestone’s was a co-founder of pivotal groups The Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, New York Radical Women and Redstockings, Her major written work, Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution was published in 1970 and quickly became a best-seller at a time when the rebirth of feminism was gaining great popularity..

The show will also include Worldwide Feminist News headlines and music

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