Thurs, March 31, 9-10pm–a Mini-CR on-the-air, with National Women’s Liberation: What goes into women’s decisions to have or not have children? If we do have children, does our society support us?

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In February and March of 2016The New York Chapter of National Women’s Liberation held CR (Consciousness Raising) meetings, where women testified, from their own experience, on what factors have determined–or will determine–whether or not they have children. Those who have had children testified on whether/how that experience changed their views.

Some of the testifiers will be live in the studio and some on the phone, for a “mini-CR on-the-air”–as well as talk about the conclusions they reached through looking at these questions in depth.


We’ll also look at how our society supports or does not support these parenting decisions and the “Social Wage” programs that women in many other countries have, such as (Single Payer National Healthcare, free or low-cost Childcare and Paid Parental Leave).

Lastly, we’ll discuss the Zika virus and current instructions being given to women by governments, the U.N. and healthcare workers, about whether/when to become pregnant .

Here is the complete list of questions that were brought to these meetings and will be addressed on this show:

1. What are our reasons for wanting children, if/when we wanted them. (Whether we had them, didn’t, or are still planning to.) Reasons for not wanting them?

If we had them, did our thinking about this change after we had them? If we didn’t have them, did our thinking change?

2. Additional question for those who have done parenting work: When does this work feel like an individual responsibility? When does it feel like a collective (community, society wide,national) responsibility?

Hilary Wainwright

In the latter part of the show, we will be taking listener phone calls on these topics at (718) 780-8888.

We’ll also present our worldwide feminist news headlines and topical music.


Campus rape and rape culture on JOR November 6

On Wednesday, November 6, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will present “Rape and Rape Culture on Campus—And the New Feminist Fight-Back” featuring interviews with student and faculty activists, as well as Soraya Chemaly and Gloria Allred.

WBAI is heard at 99.5 FM in the New York City area and streams live at Programs are archived for 90 days.

Across the country colleges and universities are under investigation by the Federal government for their sexual assault policies because of complaints brought under Title IX—the part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act dealing with the right of women to equal educational opportunity. According to statistics, between 20 and 28% of female college students will experience rape by a male student while at college—making going to college a high risk activity for rape. All women (and all men) on campus will encounter some variant of campus culture that features the promotion of rape as a “sport” and “fun activity” for college men—also known as “campus rape culture.”

Last but not least is a widespread pattern of colleges and universities, in the interest of maintaining their schools’ reputations, enrollment and funding base—downplaying and covering up assaults of women students, discouraging women from filing complaints, blaming them for their attacks and allowing even admitted rapists back on campus—all activities and omissions that have fueled the newest wave of Title IX complaints. A partial list of colleges that have recently come under Federal investigation and/or have had private civil lawsuits filed against them, include: Yale University; University of Southern California; University of California at Berkeley; University of North Carolina; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Dartmouth College; Swarthmore College; Occidental College and the University of Connecticut.

On Wednesday, November 6th at 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will present: Rape and Rape Culture on Campus—and the New Feminist Fightback. In this program we will examine these intertwining issues and the future of the fight-back.

Our guests will be: Dana Daniels, a New York University student whose recent article on rape culture at NYU sparked internet retaliation; Soraya Chemaly, activist-blogger on rape culture who will describe in detail its manifestations on a number of campuses; Mia Ferguson, student activist and a founder of End Rape on Campus, who will talk about the growing fightback movement by students; Gloria Allred, noted Civil Rights Attorney, who recently led a suit against Occidental College and has just announced another against the University of Connecticut; and outspoken faculty activists Professor Danielle Dirks and Professor Caroline Heldman, who were instrumental in organizing women students at Occidental College as well as the national movement.

This program will include worldwide feminist news headlines and information on legal resources for campus sexual assault survivors. It was produced by Executive Producer Fran Luck and Associate Producers Karen Anton and Lorena Ambrosio.

Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, at 9-10 PM. We cover the ongoing worldwide struggle of women for full equality and human rights. You can follow us at and follow/read our blog at Programs stream live at, where they are also archived for 90 days.


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**Connections between the Civil Rights March of 1963–and the founding of the National Organization for Women. Another untold story! An investigation & conversation with Zoharah Simmons, Maretta Short and Fran Luck featuring readings from the works of Pauli Murray, Betty Friedan and William P. Jones.

**Promise and Betrayal: Voices from the Struggle for Women’s Emancipation, 1776-1920: A play by Carol Hanisch. The complete recording of the Joy or Resistance production, with original music by Carol Hanisch, arranged by Carol Hanish and Bev Grant; based on the actual speeches and writings of Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others active in the struggle for the vote.

**A Critique of “Makers”–Original Radical Feminists Kathie Sarachild, Carol Hanisch along with Kathy Scarbrough critique the PBS series that purports to be the last word on “the women’s movement.”

**The Real History of the Miss America Pageant Protest of 1968 The protest in Atlantic City that put the Women’s Liberation Movement on the map.

**Recordings from the first Abortion Speak Out–organized by Redstockings in 1969 Abortion was illegal in the U.S. when these women risked arrest to admit publicly that they’d had one.

**Abortion as a Human Right: An original production covering the history of reproductive rights. .

**Remembering Shulie–Two interviews with peers of movement pioneer Shulamith Firestone who died last August. Kathie Sarachild and Jo Freeman, who both worked with Firestone in the early days of the movement, contribute both moving tributes and stories of the real history of the birth of the movement–that you’ve never heard before!

**A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s by Stephanie Coontz. An interview with the author examining the situation of women just before the beginning of the Second Wave–and what changed.

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Wed., July 17, 9-10 PM: Interviews with Terry O’Neill, newly re-elected President of N.O.W.; Sunsara Taylor of Stop Patriarchy, on upcoming Abortion Rights Freedom Ride; poet Staceyann Chin, who led a fight for equal time for women at Sunday’s Justice for Trayvon rally in New York City.

Follow JOR @ & blog @ We can be heard at 99.5 FM in the tri-state area of the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S @WBAI and streamed at, where our shows are archived for 90 days.

On Wednesday, July 17, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will present a look at the critical issues confronting U.S. women in 2013/14 with a live interview with Terry O’Neill, the newly re-elected President of The National Organization for Women–the nation’s largest grassroots women’s rights organization.

We’ll also present a segment recorded this past Sunday at the huge and passionate march in New York City to demand justice for the murder of Trayvon Martin. This great outpouring of anger and skilled out-maneuvering of police attempts to shut it down, was marred by an unexpected confrontation within the ranks of protesters, as women who tried to speak at an impromptu rally at Times Square at the end of the march, found they had to fight for that right with the men controlling the bullhorn–eliciting shouts from the crowd of “let her speak!” and “more female voices!”  We were on the scene and recorded it along with an interview with poet Staceyann Chin, who took part in this unexpected ‘protest within the protest.’

Lastly, Sunsara Taylor of Stop Patriarchy will be live in our studio to discuss the upcoming Abortion Rights Freedom Ride. Leaving from both coasts, and traveling down the middle of the country from North Dakota to Mississippi, where attacks on abortion rights are most severe. Modeled on the freedom rides of the Civil Rights Movement, it comes in the wake of the epic fight against anti-abortion legislation in Texas, Ohio, North Dakota and the defeat of the Women’s Equality Act in New York State over its inclusion of an abortion rights plank! Stop Patriarchy states that “Reproductive Rights are in a State of Emergency” and we concur!

Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, at 9-10 PM. We cover the ongoing worldwide struggle of women for full equality and human rights. You can follow us at Programs stream live @ where they are also archived for 90 days.


WBAI @ 99.5 FM broadcasts to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and is part of the Pacifica Radio Network, one of the few alternatives to the corporate-controlled media that dominate the airwaves–the station has been facing extremely hard times since Hurricane Sandy and needs your financial support at this time to continue broadcasting. We cannot afford to lose this legendary 53-year old non-commercial progressive radio station! Please consider going to and contributing whatever amount you can to help keep alternative radio alive. If you join as a “WBAI Buddy” at $10. or more a month (the WBAI “Buddy Program”), you can help sustain the station permanently (and be entitled to a range of gifts). Joining the WBAI “Buddy Program” in the name of Joy of Resistance will also be a vote for feminist radio at WBAI. Thank you for your support!.

Joy of Resistance news headlines and links for January 16, 2013

2012: A year of disaster for abortion rights in U.S.

As the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in the U.S. approaches on January 22, a new study by the Guttmacher Institute, shows that last year 42 states and the District of Columbia enacted 122 provisions related to reproductive health and rights. One-third of these sought to restrict access to abortion. Although a decrease from the record-breaking 92 abortion restrictions enacted in 2011, it is the second highest annual number of new abortion restrictions.

2011 restrictions featured age limits, late-term abortion bans (including bans at 20-weeks), clinic regulations that are near-impossible to meet and forbidding insurance coverage, to name a few.

Writing for RHrealitycheck under the headline “2012 was an unmitigated disaster for abortion rights,” Sarah Seltzer cites “a few examples of shaming, nitpicking and intrusive kinds of laws” that were passed in 2012:

  • A new provision enacted in Mississippi requires a physician performing an abortion on a minor younger than 14  provide a tissue sample to the state bureau of investigation.
  • In South Carolina, an employees’ health plan that used to cover abortion to save the woman’s life or in cases of rape or incest, now says it will cover abortions only in cases of life endangerment; the cost in cases of rape or incest must now be paid entirely from employees’ premiums.
  • The new ultrasound law in Virginia requires that women who live less than 100 miles from the clinic undergo the ultrasound 24 hours in advance of the abortion. The new provision compels women to make two trips to the clinic before receiving an abortion.

With all of this bad news, Merle Hoffman, Publisher of On the Issues Magazine, CEO/founder of Choices Women’s Health Center in Queens and a long time fighter for abortion rights, says that she will be “Recommitting, not celebrating” this January 22. OTI has a special issue out now on the 40th anniversary on Roe (

And I’m proud to announce that Merle Hoffman will be our live guest on January 22 between 4 and 5 p.m. on Talkback. Hugh Hamilton has graciously ceded his second hour on that day to JOR so that we can do special programming to mark this important anniversary. So please mark that on your calendar.

Study reveals denials of constitutional rights to pregnant women is increasing

On Tuesday, January 15, the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law published a groundbreaking study, “Arrests of and Forced Interventions on Pregnant Women in the United States, 1973-2005: Implications for Women’s Legal Status and Public Health.” The study identified 413 criminal and civil cases involving arrests, detentions, and equivalent deprivations of pregnant women’s physical liberty that occurred between 1973 (when Roe v. Wade was decided) and 2005 and that pregnant women face attacks on virtually every right associated with constitutional personhood, including the right to physical liberty.

Many states have passed feticide measures and laws restricting access to safe abortion, like so-called “personhood” measures, that encourage the treatment of eggs, embryos, and fetuses as if they are legally separate from the pregnant woman. These laws have been used as the basis for a disturbing range of punitive state actions in every region of the country and against women of every race, though disproportionately against women in the South, low-income women and African-American women.

Some examples:

  • A woman in Utah was arrested and charged with criminal homicide based on the claim that her decision to delay cesarean surgery was the cause of a stillbirth.
  • A woman in Oregon who did not comply with a doctor’s recommendation to have additional testing for diabetes was subjected to involuntary civil commitment.
  • A Louisiana woman was charged with murder and spent almost a year in jail before her counsel was able to show that what was deemed a murder of a fetus or newborn was actually a miscarriage.
  • A doctor in Wisconsin had concerns about a woman’s plans to have her birth attended by a midwife. As a result, a civil court order of protective custody for the woman’s fetus was obtained.

Women’s Equality Agenda proposed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed the Women’s Equality Agenda — a 10-point plan to break down barriers to women’s full and equal participation in society. The New York Civil Liberties Union is urging that legislators in Albany hear from their constituents to pass it.

This legislative package includes measures that protect and strengthen reproductive freedom and addresses many of the ways that women experience discrimination, including proposals to:

  • Achieve pay equity.
  • Extend sexual harassment laws to all work places.
  • Protect pregnant women from workplace discrimination.
  • End discrimination against single parents and those who receive housing assistance.

You can go to to sign that petition and get more information. And we’ll be examining that proposal in more detail on future show.

You can get fired for being “too attractive” in Iowa

The Iowa State Supreme Court has ruled, 7-0, that bosses can fire employees they see as an “irresistible attraction,” even if the employees have not engaged in flirtatious behavior or otherwise done anything wrong. Such firings may be unfair, but they are not unlawful discrimination under the Iowa Civil Rights Act because they are motivated by feelings and emotions, not gender, Justice Edward Mansfield wrote.

Mormon women receive threats for wearing pants to church

“Wear Pants to Church,” an event on Sunday, December 19, was meant to draw attention to the role of women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, using attire as a symbolic first salvo in a larger struggle over gender inequalities.

Thousands of Mormon women arrived at church in pants in places like Cambridge, England; Heidelberg, Germany; Austin, Texas; the Marshall Islands; and Kotzebue, Alaska. A number of the women posted their photos on Facebook and other Web sites. Others said they could not participate because they were fearful of ridicule or reprimand.

Organizers hope the dialogue will now expand to include issues like the ordination of women, or women taking on more responsibilities at church event, the fact that Boy Scouts play a role in the Church while girls do not and men are expected to become missionaries while women are not.

“Wear Pants to Church” was the idea of Stephanie Lauritzen of Salt Lake City. She and some fellow Mormon women who belonged to a group called All Enlisted posted an events page on Facebook on Dec. 9. Within days, thousands had pledged their support, but one person threatened to shoot women who showed up in pants. Ms. Lauritzen, 26, also received threats on her own Facebook page that are being investigated by Facebook and the local authorities, she said.

Aimee Hickman, the editor of a Mormon feminist magazine called Exponent II, said she originally had reservations about the event. But then she saw the negative reaction by church members online. The attention drawn to the effort, she added, “has people talking about Mormon gender roles more than anything I’ve seen.”

Women to demand full access to Morning After Pill

It has been exactly one year since Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius made the unprecedented decision to overrule the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to expand access to the Morning-After Pill.

National Women’s Liberation is demanding that HHS stop blocking over-the-counter approval of the Morning-After Pill.and they are inviting all to come to a speakout on Tuesday, January 22, 2012, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30pm, outside of 26 Federal Plaza (the New York City office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) to protest the agency’s failure to correct this decision. Organizers say they are “holding a speakout on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade to underscore our demand that all females who are old enough to be pregnant have access to ALL forms of birth control.”

Women directly impacted by this decision will speak about their experiences trying to access the Morning-After Pill Restricting the Morning After Pill to females ages 17 and older, makes it physically inaccessible to all females because it is kept “behind-the-counter” at pharmacies. The Morning-After Pill is already available without a prescription in over 45 other countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Denmark and Egypt.

You can contact National Women’s Liberation through their website at

Our December 19 show: A conversation with Rita Banerji on gendercide

Wednesday, December19, 9-10 pm Joy of Resistance presents a conversation with Rita Banerji, founder of the 50 Million Missing Women campaign

Follow JOR @ & WBAI can be heard at 99.5 FM and streams live @

On Wednesday, December 19, between 9 and 10 pm, Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI proudly presents an interview with Indian Feminist Rita Banerji*: activist, researcher, testifier at the United Nations Symposium on Femicide and initiator of the “50 Million Missing Women” campaign.

Banerji documents and explains the systemic murders of women and girls in India, in numbers amounting to GENDERCIDE. She traces the killings to an active, ongoing and spreading patriarchal wealth-building system that features Dowry as the prize sought by husbands and their families. The name of the game is to raise sons who will collect dowries–and avoid raising daughters on whom the family must spend dowry money; this is accomplished by forcing the abortion of female fetuses (on daughters in law) and often the actual murders of young girls from birth to six years!

It is also accompanied by the ongoing practice of Sati (the burning of widows) and the growing phenomenon of “witch lynchings” in India–which are reminiscent of the witch burnings that took place in Europe and America–and like those, are a way of acquiring the property of women.

This interview is shocking and frightening–but terribly important, as it helps us to understand that the oppression of women (and other oppressed groups) is not “an accident” or a vestige from another era, but is an active process from which someone/someones are benefitting now!

The show will also feature our international feminist newscast, with stories on: the Violence Against Women Act; the Michigan anti-abortion “superbill”; the attempt of the “council” of an Indian village to ban women from using cell phones; Egyptian and Yemeni women losing rights after last year’s uprisings; Italian women fighting back against male violence; an important advance for reproductive rights in the Philippines and a commemoration of the Montreal Massacre.

*Find out more about Rita Banerji’s work at and

Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, at 9-10 PM. We cover the ongoing worldwide struggle of women for full equality and human rights. You can “tweet” us at and follow read our blog at Programs stream live at where they are also archived for 90 days.

WBAI broadcasts to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and is part of the Pacifica Radio Network, one of the few alternatives to the corporate-controlled media that dominate the airwaves–but it needs your financial support to continue broadcasting. Please consider going to and contributing whatever amount you can to help keep alternative radio alive. AND PLEASE SUPPORT US DURING FUND DRIVES. When you support WBAI during Joy of Resistance fund-drive programs you are also supporting the continuation of feminist programming at the station.Thank you for your support.

Joy of Resistance News Headlines and links for September 19, 2012

The 2012 Republican platform includes a human life amendment that would criminalize abortion nationwide, with no exceptions for rape and incest. Thus bringing into the mainstream extreme anti-abortion views of the far right.

Sept. 12. Missouri lawmakers enacted new religious exemptions from insurance coverage of birth control, overriding a gubernatorial veto and directly rebutting an Obama administration policy requiring insurers to cover contraception. The Greater Kansas City Coalition of Labor Union Women has said it will seek an injunction against the measure.

Sept. 14. the Virginia Board of Health passed medically unnecessary restrictions on reproductive health providers which require clinics to comply with new hospital construction standards not related to abortion or “need.” This decision represents back-pedaling from the board’s earlier decision to “grandfather” existing clinics and will mean the shutdown of these clinics.

A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, and the 31 states expected to ban abortion, did that, the average travel distance to the nearest abortion provider would increase by 157 miles. It also found that women seeking abortions are generally “sensitive” to travel costs — resulting in more poor women being forced to bear children.

In Turkey, a woman shot and beheaded a man who had been systematically raping her and bragging about it while her husband was doing seasonal work in another town, claiming she did it to “cleanse her honor.” The case has caused a storm of controversy, with women’s organisations rallying to her support. Journalist Elif Shafak said it shows that in “this patriarchal country it is always women who pay the price” and highlights the lack of Turkish institutions offering abused women support.

Tunisian women took it to the streets to protect their rights in mid-August and controversy continues over a Draft for the new Constitution which refers to women as “complementary to men” but makes no reference to equality.

Tunisia was one of the most secular of Arab states before the Islamist Ennahda party won elections last year.