Sun, Jan 15, 6-7 PM: What women lose if ACA is repealed; “Pizzagate,” Clinton, misogyny & fake news

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The dismantling of the ACA (“Obamacare”) begun Friday by the Reprublican Congress, will, if carried to its conclusion, result in 20 million people losing health insurance. It will also undo critical gains for women that were built in to ACA, including:

Guaranteed prenatal and maternity care; laws against women being charged more than men for insurance; contraception availability without a co-pay (ie, free of charge); screening for domestic violence; HIV/STD screening; “well woman” preventative health screenings; the rule prohibiting people being turned down for insurance because of “pre-existing conditions”, which, if overturned, will impact pregnant women, women who have had caesarians, have been victims of domestic violence or had cancer (as well as any other pre-existing conditions).


Our guest will be Christine Grimaldi, author of the January 11 Rewire story: “Senate Republicans Vote to Kill Popular Obamacare Benefits in “Vote-a-Rama”She is a reporter and writer based in Washington, DC. Prior to joining Rewire, she covered Congress for Bloomberg BNA. Her journalism and essays have appeared in Slate,, The Morning News, and elsewhere.


Part two of our program will examine the fake scandal known as “pizzagate” from a number of feminist angles, including: the misogyny of right wing conspiracy theory and its expression in the “alt. rt.” campaign against Hillary Clinton; “dark internet” (alt rt) accusations of “Satanism” and “witchcraft” routinely directed against powerful women and people of color (Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Oprah, Michael Jackson); an examination of the actual elements of the “pizzagate” accusations, including the use of the work of artist Marina Abramovic to brand her a “Satanist” and “witch” as part its “proof”; how this and other fake news stories spread on the internet (a chronology of pizzagate), and more.


Our guest will be Fruszina Erdough, author of the article: “With Pizzagate, is Cybersteria the New Normal?” which appeared in Forbes Magazine. She is a reporter covering digital news, technology and culture, has written for outlets such as Vice, the Christian Science Monitor, the Guardian, Variety, Slate, Forbes Magazine and the Daily Dot, among others.

We’ll also have an update actions planned around the inauguration on January 21.

Wed., September 18, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance presents: The New Delhi rape convictions — what they mean and don’t mean for India — and why men say they rape. Guests: Rita Banerji, Soraya Chemaly

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On Wednesday, September 18, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will look at the recent rape convictions in India for  which four men, found guilty of fatally gang raping a woman on a New Delhi bus last December, have been sentenced to hanging. The attack sparked outrage and huge street protests at the time, and prompted India to introduce supposedly stringent anti-rape laws which can include the death penalty for rape-murders. While many in India and elsewhere have proclaimed that the problem of epidemic levels of rape in India is either solved or on its way to being solved,

Rita Banerji, an Indian feminist activist and originator of the “50 Million Women Missing” campaign, who will be our first guest, vehemently disagrees. She paints a picture of an India in which women’s lives and safety have little or no value, women are routinely used as pawns in dowry-wealth building schemes and politicians protect the status quo.

Meanwhile, an unprecedented UN study of 10,000 men in Asia and the Pacific, has found that, on average, half of those interviewed reported using physical and/or sexual violence against a female partner and that the major reason given by men for their actions was “male entitlement.” We will be discussing this study and other background conditions of the normalization of rape globally with Huffington Post commentator Soraya Chemaly, an activist and frequent blogger on these issues.

Our Feminist News Segment will include domestic stories & links to: a new study by the Guttmacher Institute on abortion and women’s mental health; a court-case on “medication-abortion” that will likely go to the Supreme Court: the benefits to women of “Obama-Care“: American Association of University Women proposes improving the gender wage-gap through a new “data-collection tool” and 100 women, including Terry O’Neill, President of National Organization for Women, were arrested in a sit-in in Washington, D.C. to protest the lack of progress on immigration reform. International stories/links will include: four men sentenced to hanging for last December’s New Delhi rape/murder; study of 10,000 Asian and Pacific Men reveals “male entitlement” to be the reason most often cited for rape; head of U.N. Women says that worldwide, women are losing ground; Australian state debates fetal “personhood” law; U.N. Women condemns targeted killing of women police officers in Afghanistan.

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