Thursday, Sept. 24, 9-10 PM: Terry O’Neill on the Republican attack on women; National Women’s Liberation on current street actions around their campaign to put THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN stickers on sexist ads–and the music of Naomi Weisstein

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This week, as Congress pushes for a government shutdown if legislation defunding Planned Parenthood is not passed, we will speak with Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW), the country’s largest grassroots feminist organization. NOW is joining with other progressive groups to fight these draconian moves on women’s rights under the slogan: NO funding cuts, NO shutdown, and NO compromises!

In our second segment we’ll have women working with National Women’s Liberation, live in our studio, to talk about their current campaign. Building on their success distributing “THIS OPPRESSES WOMEN” stickers (which have now appeared on sexist ads throughout the world), they are taking it to the streets of New York City with video-booths in public spaces, where they are interviewing women on what oppresses them. They’ll report back on their action of this past Sunday, talk about their own reactions to sexist ads and announce an upcoming action on Tuesday, September 29*

Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band

Between segments we’ll be playing music of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band as a tribute to its founder, performer and feminist pioneer, Naomi Weisstein, who died in March and was memorialized this past Sunday–with many of the pioneers of the women’s movement in attendance. Weisstein was not only a feminist performer and comedian, but a founder, in 1969, of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, which was pivotal in the chain of events that led the Women’s Liberation Movement and the “second wave” of feminism. Weisstein was also an important nneuroscientist–much of whose feminist writing and comedy  was fueled by her struggle with the deeply sexist male-dominated scientific establishment that she encountered.

We’ll also be presenting our Feminist News Roundup.

*Tuesday Sept 29th, 5pm-7pm 
Meet at the Ghandi statue in the southwest corner of Union Square