Thurs, April 2: Holly Jacobs, Carrie Goldberg on Revenge Porn; Farah Diaz-Tello on the sentencing to 41 years of Purvi Patel for “feticide”

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On Thursday, April 2, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will feature two segments, each detailing a serious current attack on women–with interviews with frontline activists in these areas.

1) Anti-Revenge Porn activists Holly Jacobs and Carrie A. Goldberg, founders of End Revenge Porn and Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI). Revenge Porn usually occurs when men angry at ex girlfriends post nude photos of them without their consent, often on misogynist websites and with intent to damage their lives. These posts typically include the names and addresses of the women, and are sent to their work places and relatives. According to Professor Dannielle Keats Citron, author of “Cyber Civil Rights”, a core text of this movement: “Revenge porn can ruin a person’s life” as the images may go viral, result in multiple threats of rape and stalking from anonymous men, lead to the loss of a job or result in not being hired (80% of employers use the internet to assess potential employees), result in depression and forced withdrawal from the internet–and in extreme cases, suicide. Until recently there has been no legal recourse for those targeted. Now, several states have adopted or are considering laws to protect victims.

2) Farrah Diaz-Tello, Staff Attorney for National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW), will speak with us about last Monday’s shocking sentence of Purvi Patel to to 41 years in prison, apparently for having had a miscarriage. It is the first sentencing in the U.S. for “feticide”–a new kind of law, pushed in a number of anti-abortion right wing-dominated state legislatures. We will discuss the terrifying implications of women being sentenced to long prison terms for miscarriages–or for abortions–that are being legally interpreted as homicides and why they are an ominous development for women. So far, both of the two women who have been charged under the new Indiana feticide law are Women of Color.

We’ll also listen to Katie Goodman‘s recent viral hit: “You’re a Feminist!”a challenge to entertainers and others in the public sphere who proclaim they are “not a feminist” while taking full advantage of the gains made for them by feminism. We’ll also have our International Feminist News Segment

Some of our Feminist News Headlines

On Monday, April 30, an Indiana woman of East Indian descent–Purvi Patel–was sentenced to 41 years, 20 of them to be served in prison, for the crime of ‘feticide’–or killing a fetus. She claimed to have had a miscarriage. She is the first woman in the U.S to be sentenced for this so-called crime.

In the 2nd half of the show tonight, we will be speaking with Farah Diaz-Tello, staff attorney for National Advocates for Pregnant Women on the very serious implications for all women of her prosecution and sentencing.

In Georgia 4 Women were arrested trying to meet with a sponsor of a “religious liberty” bill that could give employers the right to fire women who have had an abortion–and could be against used to fire gay people and just about anyone else that employers have religious qualms about.

In Yemen, An 11 year-old girl has drawn the world’s attention to the issue of child brides after denouncing her arranged marriage in an impassioned video online, saying “I am not an item for sale, I’m a human being and I would rather die than get married at this age.”

The practice of marrying child brides is widespread in Yemen.

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges was scheduled to give the keynote address at a conference at Simon Fraser University in Canada. But because he had delivered a scathing report on worldwide global prostitution, calling it “the quintessential expression of capitalism”, Sexwork activists pressured the UNiversity to ban him, which it did for awhile, until many feminists defended him and the ban was revoked. The tactic used was No platforming–an organized pressure campaign to keep people of opposing views from airing them, which many claim is stifling feminist debate. You see what Hedges had to say in the news section of our blog at

The recent Germanwings plane crash/suicide has been blamed on feminism on MRA (men’s rights activism) blog–saying the crashing of a plane by Andreas Lubitz could have been avoided if “the sluts of the world were a little more equitable in their distribution of oral sex” and that this crime was an indirect result of feminism. This would be laughable if such sites did not have followings known to have provided inspirtation for murders aimed at women–such as those by Elliott Rodgers, in 2014.

On Wednesday, March 5, @ 8-10 PM, Joy of Resistance is proud to present: “Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation” a film by Jennifer Lee, with clips from the film and a discussion with the Director

WBAI can be heard at 99.5 FM in the tri state area. It streams at

As part of the WBAI Winter Fund Drive and to kick off Women’s History Month, Joy of Resistance 70) that we have yet come across: Jennifer Lee’s marvelous new film “Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation.” Just out, and having already garnered two awards–the “Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival: Best of Festival Documentary” and “Official Selection of the Cincinnati Film Festival”, this film has not yet been shown in theaters and, at present, is only available to the general public through WBAI.
In her introduction to the film, Lee shares with us that she was motivated to go on the quest that became the film, because she couldn’t figure out why the word “feminist,” when it came up among members of her generation, was whispered as if it were scary and somehow shameful. This led her to question why she didn’t know more stories from the feminist movement so that she could pass them on to those of later generations for whom this history was a blank. She decided to fly around the country and interview as many of the movement’s originators as she could find (“they are all around us”) and reclaim feminist history for her generation, by listening to “their stories”.    
Lee interviewed, among others, Betty Friedan (Friedan’s last video interview before she passed), Aileen Hernandez, the first head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Kathie Sarachild, a founder of Redstockings and a worker in the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); Frances Beal, founder of the SNCC Black Women’s Liberation Committee; and author of Triple Jeopardy; Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton–and many others.
Punctuated by an astonishing amount of period footage and an energetic sound-track, as well as wit and humor, the film begins with a glimpse of what life was like for women in the U.S. before the feminist movement (starting with women having been ousted from well paying factory/munitions jobs after WWll); the “happy housewife” propaganda of the 1950’s and Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking book: The Feminine Mystique; John F. Kennedy’s 1963 President’s Council on the Status of Women; the influence of SNCC and the Civil Rights Movement; the fight  to get women included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964–and how it led to the founding of theNational Organization for Women (NOW); the Miss America Beauty Pageant Protest; the Ladies’ Home Journal sit-in and the Women’s Strike for Equality that included placing a banner saying WOMEN OF THE WORLD UNITE! on the Statue of Liberty. Many of the feminist goals raised in the film are still being fought for today, some 50 years later–such as full access to reproductive rights and universal childcare–and the film provides a useful underpinning for understanding our movements today.
A DVD of Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation will be sent as a thank you gift to those who contribute $50. to WBAI.
WBAI IS A 54 YEAR OLD ALTERNATIVE, NON-COMMERCIAL RADIO STATION, PART OF THE PACIFICA NETWORK. We are in the midst of a critical fund drive and need your support to continue to bring you programs that are not dependent on–and therefore limited by–the dictates of corporate funding. SO PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY by going to or calling (212) 209-2950.
If you call and contribute (any amount is welcome) during our fund drive show on March 5, your contribution will also count as a vote for the continuation and expansion of Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI. Thank you!

Campus rape and rape culture on JOR November 6

On Wednesday, November 6, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will present “Rape and Rape Culture on Campus—And the New Feminist Fight-Back” featuring interviews with student and faculty activists, as well as Soraya Chemaly and Gloria Allred.

WBAI is heard at 99.5 FM in the New York City area and streams live at Programs are archived for 90 days.

Across the country colleges and universities are under investigation by the Federal government for their sexual assault policies because of complaints brought under Title IX—the part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act dealing with the right of women to equal educational opportunity. According to statistics, between 20 and 28% of female college students will experience rape by a male student while at college—making going to college a high risk activity for rape. All women (and all men) on campus will encounter some variant of campus culture that features the promotion of rape as a “sport” and “fun activity” for college men—also known as “campus rape culture.”

Last but not least is a widespread pattern of colleges and universities, in the interest of maintaining their schools’ reputations, enrollment and funding base—downplaying and covering up assaults of women students, discouraging women from filing complaints, blaming them for their attacks and allowing even admitted rapists back on campus—all activities and omissions that have fueled the newest wave of Title IX complaints. A partial list of colleges that have recently come under Federal investigation and/or have had private civil lawsuits filed against them, include: Yale University; University of Southern California; University of California at Berkeley; University of North Carolina; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Dartmouth College; Swarthmore College; Occidental College and the University of Connecticut.

On Wednesday, November 6th at 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance will present: Rape and Rape Culture on Campus—and the New Feminist Fightback. In this program we will examine these intertwining issues and the future of the fight-back.

Our guests will be: Dana Daniels, a New York University student whose recent article on rape culture at NYU sparked internet retaliation; Soraya Chemaly, activist-blogger on rape culture who will describe in detail its manifestations on a number of campuses; Mia Ferguson, student activist and a founder of End Rape on Campus, who will talk about the growing fightback movement by students; Gloria Allred, noted Civil Rights Attorney, who recently led a suit against Occidental College and has just announced another against the University of Connecticut; and outspoken faculty activists Professor Danielle Dirks and Professor Caroline Heldman, who were instrumental in organizing women students at Occidental College as well as the national movement.

This program will include worldwide feminist news headlines and information on legal resources for campus sexual assault survivors. It was produced by Executive Producer Fran Luck and Associate Producers Karen Anton and Lorena Ambrosio.

Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, at 9-10 PM. We cover the ongoing worldwide struggle of women for full equality and human rights. You can follow us at and follow/read our blog at Programs stream live at, where they are also archived for 90 days.


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Why it is critical that you support WBAI and Joy of Resistance in the October Fund Drive

From October 1-25, WBAI will be in fund-drive mode, in what is considered to be a make-or-break fund-raiser for the beloved 53 year old radio station that is responsible for the very political and cultural ground on which so many of us walk! A caller to a recent WBAI Report to the Listener, summarized WBAI when he described his travels across country this summer, while listening to his car radio: “BAI is so unique…there is nothing out there that compares with it.”

Reports of WBAI’s death “have been greatly exaggerated.” Despite a terrible year financially that saw us perilously close to losing our transmitter signal and included a move to a much smaller space–WBAI is beginning to recover. We have a new home in Brooklyn and are starting to catch up with bills. Yet the the future remains uncertain and there are some on the Pacifica National Board (Pacifica is WBAI’s parent network and owns its license) who want to take WBAI off the air (through “leasing it out”) in order to cover expenses. The best way to make sure this does not happen and that WBAI will not only survive but thrive, is for the October fund drive to be a success. So I am asking you to pledge as if the fate of the station depended on it–because it does.

I am also writing to you about the feminist program I have produced on WBAI for 11 years–the only “terrestrial radio” program devoted to feminist issues in the tri-state area: Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio at WBAI, which will be fund-raising between 9 and 11 pm this coming Wednesday night (Oct. 2). For 11 years we have brought you in-depth coverage of every feminist issue you can imagine–from the long and winding history of women slowly winning the right to control our reproduction, and the attacks against this basic freedom coming from the Right wing in so many forms–to the ongoing fights for equal pay, equal opportunity at work, affordable daycare–the right to walk freely in the world without fear of sexual assault… Joy of Resistance brings these issues and so many related ones and it gives you not only the immediacy of breaking stories, but the whole history of struggle behind those stories, the time-lines of emancipation, often speaking with the women who originally took the lead in these battles– as well as women on the front lines today.–and letting you know the ways that YOU can join the action and help create the tomorrows of our history.

Women need this kind of in-depth coverage–and men need to hear it also. Joy of Resistance covers the ongoing and worldwide struggle for full equality of women that is being waged in every country and culture on the planet. We need WBAI to survive and thrive–and we need Joy of Resistance to continue to bring you the highest and deepest level of feminist coverage.

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WBAI is offering all listeners who pledge, a thumb-sized flash drive–black with a silver Pacifica/WBAI logo–that is loaded with amazing high quality recordings of The 100 best Speakers on Pacifica over the last 10 years. Speakers include: Alice Walker, Amy Goodman, Bill McKibben, Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff, Cornell West, Eduardo Galleano, Russell Simmons, Eve Ensler, Studs Terkes, Angela Davis, Rachel Maddow, Robert Reich, Edward Said and many many more. There will also be a flash-drive titled “Best of WBAI”–a 30-item collection of some of the highlights of this alternative non-commercial radio’s output.


I have gone out on a limb to get permission from our new Program Director to offer a strong feminist premium. Joy of Resistance will be one of the few shows in the fund-drive to have its own premium–in addition to the station-wide ones. I need you to back me up by pledging your support for the fabulous and important collection I have assembled.

“THE REAL HISTORY OF THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT” is a collection on a flash drive (with the WBAI-Pacifica logo), containing some of the best work of Joy of Resistance over the past 11 years.You will not be able to get this kind of collection anywhere else. Below is a partial list of what will be included


**The Civil Rights Movement and the Roots of Women’s Liberation–A 70 minute classic in which seven women–Black and White–who worked within the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) tell the little known story of how the second wave of feminism was birthed from within SNCC! There is no other radio treatment of this material!

**Connections between the Civil Rights March of 1963–and the founding of the National Organization for Women. Another untold story! An investigation & conversation with Zoharah Simmons, Maretta Short and Fran Luck featuring readings from the works of Pauli Murray, Betty Friedan and William P. Jones.

**Promise and Betrayal: Voices from the Struggle for Women’s Emancipation, 1776-1920: A play by Carol Hanisch. The complete recording of the Joy or Resistance production, with original music by Carol Hanisch, arranged by Carol Hanish and Bev Grant; based on the actual speeches and writings of Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others active in the struggle for the vote.

**A Critique of “Makers”–Original Radical Feminists Kathie Sarachild, Carol Hanisch along with Kathy Scarbrough critique the PBS series that purports to be the last word on “the women’s movement.”

**The Real History of the Miss America Pageant Protest of 1968 The protest in Atlantic City that put the Women’s Liberation Movement on the map.

**Recordings from the first Abortion Speak Out–organized by Redstockings in 1969 Abortion was illegal in the U.S. when these women risked arrest to admit publicly that they’d had one.

**Abortion as a Human Right: An original production covering the history of reproductive rights. .

**Remembering Shulie–Two interviews with peers of movement pioneer Shulamith Firestone who died last August. Kathie Sarachild and Jo Freeman, who both worked with Firestone in the early days of the movement, contribute both moving tributes and stories of the real history of the birth of the movement–that you’ve never heard before!

**A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s by Stephanie Coontz. An interview with the author examining the situation of women just before the beginning of the Second Wave–and what changed.

**The Feminist Music Extravaganza!: A feminist history trip through MUSIC. Folk, pop, rock, reggae, punk, rap (and more) feminist music hits over the decades!

**Occupy Wall Street and the fight against sexism A 10 minute feature, chosen to represent WBAI as part of the Pacifica National Broadcast of 2011: Women of OWS share their experiences.

**Feminist Comedy: Comics Wanda Sykes, Elaine Boosler and Lisa Koch make us laugh our butts off (I threw this in just for fun!)


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Fran Luck,
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(broadcasting to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

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And here are more details on the WBAI 100 SPEAKERS COLLECTION

We have assembled an incredible collection of the best speakers on Pacifica over the past 10 years – we call it The Pacifica Speaker Collection.
This is a collection of over 100 speeches, totaling over 200 hours of material – and it’s yours on one jump-drive the size of your thumb for a pledge of $180 or whatever you can afford.
The Pacifica Speaker Collection includes people like:  Alice Walker, Amy Goodman, Bill McKibben, Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff, Cornell West, Eduardo Galeano, Russell Simmons. Paul Krugman, Eve Ensler, Studs Terkel. Van Jones with Angela Davis. Rachel Maddow, Robert Reich, Robert Scheer, Edward Said, and many many more.

Here’s how the jump drive works: you plug the drive into your computer, then you can move all those speeches wherever you want: put them on you phone or your iPod; listen over your computer at home or at work; feed them into your home stereo system; take them on the road; upload them into the cloud and give as a gift of course.

Normally, during fund drives, we ask you to pledge $60 per speech for a CD. Now, we’re offering you over 100 speeches. If you do the math, that’s $6,000 dollars worth of speeches. And you get them all on one compact hard drive the size of your thumb.

Wednesday, April 17, 9-10 pm Joy of Resistance presents: Anatomy of a Campaign–How the 10-year fight to get the Morning After Pill over-the-counter and without restrictions, was won!

On Wednesday April 17, between 9 and 10 pm, Joy of Resistance will feature an examination of the recent victory for women that has been called the greatest pro-active advance in reproductive justice since Roe v Wade. We will  examine in depth, the 10 year campaign that resulted in the landmark April 6 decision by a Federal Judge to make the Morning After Pill available without any restrictions to women of all ages–thereby accomplishing the long-term goal of making it truly over-the-counter and eliminating the need for every woman to show an ID and go through a pharmacist in order to get it.

Our guests will be National Women’s Liberation organizers: Annie Tummino, lead plaintiff in the suit Tummino vs Hamburg; Allison Guttu, arrested in 2005, (along with 8 other women) for blocking entrances to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Brooke Eliazar-Macke, and Alex Leader, one of the campaign’s originators.

Our program will fill in the parts of the story that have been consistently left out of mainstream–and even feminist–media coverage, which focused only on the legal aspects of the victory. Consistently left out was a 10-year grassroots campaign that put pressure on the legal system and “created the space” for the Judge to hand down a positive verdict. This campaign included civil disobedience actions: the 2005 sit-in to block the entrance to the FDA in Washington DC, in which 9 women were arrested; over 5,000 women publicly defying the prescription requirement (which existed prior to 2006) by taking a pledge to “give the Morning After Pill to a friend if she needs it”–and then faxing their names to the FDA in a public challenge to the restrictions; a “flash mob” at a pharmacy, where, in a’direct action’ women placed the Morning After Pill directly on shelves in the Family Planning section.

The entire campaign was built on a grassroots strategy of holding consciousness raising sessions to find out how lack of access to the Morning After Pill actually affected women’s lives–and public speak-outs in which women told these stories.

The Morning After Pill is safe (according to the FDA’s own scientists), and if taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex is an effective tool for preventing pregnancy. It works best within 24 hours, which is why the prescription requirement was a grave obstacle for women–especially since unprotected sex–i.e., a condom breaking–was more likely to happen on a weekend, making it is harder to find a doctor to write a prescription in time for the drug to be effective. As a result of the Tummino vs Hamburg suit, in 2006. the prescription requirement was lifted– in itself, an incredible win during the Bush Administration, when the fight for reproductive rights was being pushed seriously backward and there was an active anti-birth control movement.

But there was a compromise within this victory. MAP would be available only to women 18 and over (later changed to 17 and over) and it would be kept behind the counter, subject to approval by pharmacists, and all women would have to show ID to get it. NWL activists decided they could not live with this compromise and persisted in organizing and continuing the lawsuit to overturn it. The results they fought for were finally achieved on April 6.

Civil disobedience actions are historically linked to the fight for birth control–from Margaret Sanger being arrested for giving out information on birth control (then illegal) in the early 20th century, to Pat McGinness, arrested in the 1960’s for dispersing information on where to get an abortion (when that was illegal). The fight for the vote was also peppered with arrests. With so many laws restricting women over the centuries, defying unjust laws was and is a necessary part of feminists winning more freedom. NWL activists drew on, and were inspired by, this tradition, in their fight for the Morning After Pill.

The show will also include our regular “Feminist News Roundup.”


Joy of Resistance to offer package of rare historical material for 40th Anniversary year of Roe v Wade

Joy of Resistance is very proud to be able to offer as a premium for the WBAI Radio Winter Fund Drive, a 3-part “40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade Package.” It is a hand-picked multi-media collection of historical materials on the Abortion Rights movement in the U.S., from its beginnings to the present! You are going to want to have this for your history library and use it for its activist lessons–and to understand the origins of the rights we’ve won and also how we can defend and expand them. This collection is entertaining as well as serious. It includes theater, music of the reproductive rights movement (some of it quite funny), a DVD, a book  and recordings of the best of Joy of Resistance’ coverage of reproductive rights..The parts can be ordered separately or as one package.

THIS JUST IN: Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner,* Exectutive Director of the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation and one of the first women to recieve a Doctorate in Women’s Studies (1978) has sent me the following message in response to my letting her know about this package: “This is just an historic treasure; should be in every library! Thank you for doing it!”

We will be offering this collection as a thank-you for supporting WBAI (listener supported radio) on Wednesday, February 20, between 9 & 11 PM on WBAI at 99.5 FM (in the New York Area) and on (streaming live on the web). And…your pledge for this material will count as a vote for the continuation of feminist programming at our station!

If there were no other reason to get this package, owning recordings and/or visuals of Ellen Willis, Kathy Sarachild, Rhonda Copelon, Flo Kennedy, Cindy Cisler, and other not-well-enough known pioneers of our movement–would be enough, as this rare footage is hard to come by–but…there is a lot more in this package. Here’s a summary of the 3 parts and what’s in it:

1)  A DVD of Lori Hiris’ feminist classic film, “With a Vengeance: The Fight for Reproductive Freedom” (used by National Women’s Liberation in its annual class on radical feminism). This DVD includes:

* Rare footage & interviews with early movement pioneers such as Cindy Cisler, Pat Maginness, Flo Kennedy, Kathie Sarachild, Carol Downer, Dr. Ben Munson, “Jane,” Lawrence Lader and more…

* Rare footage from the Redstockings 1969 first Abortion Speakout, where women risked arrest to speak about their then-illegal abortions with testimony by Irene Peslikis & others. Contains footage of the 1969 Miss America Pageant Protest (one of the earliest Women’s Liberation actions).

* Footage from a 1989 gathering of Black feminists in Washington, DC–and their speak-out–with Loretta Ross, Billye Avery and others–that contributed to laying the conceptual framework for what would later become the Black woman-led Reproductive Justice Movement

* Footage of the huge 1989 Washington, DC, abortion rights march/rally w/shots of everyone from Betty Friedan to Margarita Lopez; interviews with Randall Terry,  street clashes between Operation Rescue and abortion rights activists, as well as footage of the “official speakers” including Whoopi Goldberg, Estella Vasquez–and singing by Holly Near.

* The film is in an exciting “avant garde” style of 60’s cinema (although made in the late 80’s) and film maker Lori Hiris has said she was influenced by documentary film-maker Emile D’Antonio (“Point of Order”).

2)  A long playing MP3 CD of “The Best of” Joy of Resistance’ Coverage of the Reproductive Rights Movement.” I’ve gone all out to pack it with some of the best programming we’ve done on this subject, during almost 11 years of programming. It Includes:

* Substantial speeches by Ellen Willis (1977), Rhonda Copelon (1977 & 2008), Dr. Jocelyn Elders (at the 2007 SisterSong: A Woman of Color Reproductive Justice Collective Conference).

* An interview with Loretta Ross on the history of attitudes toward abortion and birth control in the Black community–from slavery through the Garvey-ite period, more recent nationalist trends, the Black Panthers–and more

* An ENTIRE PERFORMANCE of the play “Words of Choice” which has toured the U.S. for a number of years (created/produced by Cindy Cooper), as recorded at the studios of WBAI in 2008.  It includes interviews with the cast on the reactions they got to the play in anti-abortion parts of the country. Introductory  material includes additional recordings from the 1969 Redstockings abortion speakout, Roz Baxandall‘s 1989 testimony about her 1960’s abortion–and her recent observation on the attitudes toward abortion that she sees in the college students she teaches today.

* Music of the Reproductive Rights Movement–at least 10 songs (!) include: The New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Band’s 1972 “Abortion Song”, a song by Kurt Weill/Hanns Eisler, Sandy Rapp’s “Remember Rose” (about the first woman to die of an illegal abortion after the Hyde Amendment), Loretta Lynne’s “The Pill”, Pete Seeger’s “The Pill” (different song from Loretta’s) as well as some extremely funny songs: “Hands off my Clams” by Lisa Koch, “Every Sperm Does Not Deserve a Name” by Stone Soup and “This Womb is My Womb” by The Church Ladies for Choice– and more!!!!

* The first-ever Joy of Resistance show (June, 2002) with interviews of Faye Wattleton (First  Black woman President of Planned Parenthood) and Frances Kissling (President of Catholics for a Free Choice). Hosted by Byllye Avery, Manijeh Saba, Fran Luck. Byllye talks about her early days after opening one of the first clinics to do abortions after the Roe decision, in Gainesville, FLA; Manijeh talks about what abortion meant to her growing up in Iran. Fran talks about how she went from being averse to abortion to seeing it as an essential right for women.

* Speeches from the Rutgers University rally leading up to the huge March for Women’s Lives (2004): includes fierce speeches by student leaders and Maretta Short on “Slavery and Abortion.” Also a speech from the “Unite to Fight the Right” rally of 2012, by Martha Plimpton.

* An original radio production entitled: “Abortion as a Human Right”: includes interviews with lawyers working in the field of International Human Rights, an abbreviated history of women’s rights and reproductive rights, 3-way conversation with Loretta Ross, Christina Page and Sunsara Taylor focusing on President Obama & reproductive rights and the current interplay of right wing terrorism and restrictive abortion laws.

* And even more–I am still finding and including more materials as I go through my files…

3) The book: “Intimate Wars” a Memoir by Merle Hoffman, in which Hoffman  tells the story of how she evolved from a young woman with great ambition but only a vague sense of what to do with her life, into the Founder and President of Choices Women’s Medical Center (Queens, NY) and a leading activist and theorist in the struggle for reproductive rights–as well as becoming a targeted (by the Right) abortion provider who has been on the front lines since 1971. Through her eyes you’ll experience the beginnings of the rise of the right wing anti-abortion movement, the too-slow recognition by feminists of the seriousness of the threat–as well as many of the critical debates within the movement. You’ll also read about the evolution of Hoffman’s philosophical beliefs on what the abortion issue is really about and how feminists can–and must–create a counter-narrative to that of the Right–if we are to win. A MUST-READ...

I hope you’ll consider owning this collection–or some part(s) of it–and adding it to your own collection of history of our movement. I don’t know of any one place where so much material has been gathered together in different media forms and made so accessible. WBAI will be aksing listeners to make a pledge of $40 for each individual part—and $100 for the entire 3-part package.

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* On Sally Roesch Wagner: One of the first women to receive a doctorate for work in women’s studies in the United States (UC Santa Cruz, 1978), Dr. Wagner is also a founder of one of the country’s first women’s studies programs at California State University, Sacramento (1970). A women’s studies professor for 37 years and now Executive Director of the Gage Foundation in Fayetteville, New York, Wagner is the nation’s foremost authority on Matilda Joslyn Gage. Wagner’s recent titles include: She Who Holds the Sky: Matilda Joslyn Gage (Sky Carrier Press, 2003); Introduction to the reprint of Matilda Joslyn Gage’s 1893 classic Woman, Church and State (Humanity Books, 2002); and Sisters in Spirit: Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Influence on Early American Feminists (Native Voices, 2001). Dr. Wagner also appeared in the Ken Burns documentary, Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.


Joy of Resistance on WBAI’s Talkback 4-5 pm Tues. Jan. 22 to mark Roe v Wade Anniversary. Guest: Merle Hoffman

To mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in the United States, Joy of Resistance host Fran Luck will guest-host the 2nd hour of Hugh Hamilton’s Talkback radio program this Tuesday between 4 and 5 pm at WBAI, 99.5 FM (streaming at ). Her guest will be Merle Hoffman, CEO and founder of Choices Women’s Medical Center in NYCand Publisher of On The Issues Magazine, a magazine of feminist and progressive thought. Merle Hoffman has been on the front lines in the ongoing battle for safe, legal, accessible and non-stigmatized abortion since 1970, when abortion was first legalized in New York State (three years prior to Roe v Wade).

Fran will lead off the segment with some of the history of the activism that led up to Roe, and will play a few soundbites from that period, including one from the first abortion speak-out held in 1969 where women risked arrest to speak of their then-illegal abortions. Merle will then share her experiences as one of the first abortion providers in NYS and will recount the rise of the right wing attacks on the newly won right to abortion. She will also share some of her experiences with patients and why she believes a woman must have the right to terminate her pregnancy. The discussion will also focus on the current political landscape in which literally hundreds of laws prevent women from exercising the rights won under Roe, and 90% or more of U.S. counties do not have an abortion provider. The latter part of the segment will include listener phone calls at (917) 580-6020.