July 9, 9-10 pm,The campaign for tampons in public toilets; Pope Francis on women and “No Platforming” campaigns within feminism


After our feminist news roundup, we’ll have a report by Rosita Libre De Marulanda on a campaign to have women’s sanitary products, such as tampons, available in all public toilets for free–in the same way that toilet paper, soap and even toilet seat covers–also sanitary products–are available for free.

Pope Francis has recently been getting well deserved praise for his position on global warming–eclipsing his backward and sexist statements on women. A new poll shows that Catholic millennials–those aged 18 to 24–are in disagreement with major church positions on women, sexuality and gay marriage. We’ll discuss that with Jen Kirdish of Catholics for Choice.

And we’ll be running a piece on “No Platforming,” produced by Women’s International News Gathering Service (WINGS). “No platforming” refers to organized campaigns aimed at denying those with divergent feminist viewpoints the opportunity to speak, work or be published.



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