Sun, Feb 5, 6-7 PM: Judge Neil Gorsuch & the right to abortion under a Trump Supreme Court; recorded historical pieces from the abortion rights movement

We’ll speak with reporters Jessica Mason Pieklo and Christine Cauterucci on the record of Judge Neil Gorsuch, just nominated to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump, on women’s rights; we’ll hear a clip of Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, speaking at a demo on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 31, in response to the nomination.

We’ll intersperse our reports on the nomination and record of Neil Gorsuch with recorded pieces on the history of the struggle for abortion rights and women’s bodily autonomy. These will include:

1. The short play “Letters to Blackmun” from the larger play Words of Choice. Harry A. Blackman was the author or the historic Roe v Wade decision making abortion legal in 1973.

2. The recorded piece produced and narrated by Fran Luck: “A brief history of reproductive rights” produced for the Freedom Files series of WBAI

3. Voices from the Redstockings 1969 Speakout on abortion, when women risked arrest to tell of their abortions when abortion was illegal.

4. Sounds of the 1989 March on Washington for abortion rights, featuring Loretta Ross and others and ending with the voice of Flo Kennedy riffing on what she called the “fetus fetishists”



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