“What’s on your feminist mind?”–new monthly segment on last Sundays: groups of women rap on issues of their lives; What’s up with the “Women’s March on Washington”?

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“What’s on Your Feminist Mind?” is the name of a new monthly Joy of Resistance segment that we are presenting on the last Sunday of each month.

For this segment we invite a group of women to be live in the studio (and on the phone) and take turns describing to the group (and listeners) the burning issues confronting them as women in our society. After all have spoken, we try to draw conclusions from what has been said. We may then open up the discussion to listener call-ins.

The women who will be speaking this week are of different ages and ethnic groups. We met some of them on the night of November 15, at the spontaneous speakout that took place in a local park after hundreds were turned away from the National Women’s Liberation meeting called to “organize the resistance”–so we think much of the talk will center on responses to the presidential election–though there could be other issues also.

From Consciousness Raising (CR) to the Internet, the core of the feminist movement has always been women simply talking to each other and sharing experiences–then taking action based on what they learned in these conversations. Much is now known about what issues need to be addressed for women to be equal in society, but going back to CR grounds us and keeps us checking on ourselves and deepening our insight.

In our Feminist News Segment, we’ll have a report on plans for the “Women’s March on Washington” with Farah Diaz-Tello.  There is much controversy around this march, whose name has been changed and likely will be again, as the women who hastily announced it right after the election, did not do so with full input from communities of color and chose names that had already had been used by past Civil Rights Movement marches. A group of Women of Color are now attempting to make sure that the march is both safe, successful and that that early mistakes are being corrected and the march is still on! Farah Diaz-Tello has been in touch with the core organizers and has been an an informal advisor to them.

Some other links to articles on the “Women’s March on Washington”:












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