Sunday, Oct 16, 6-7PM: What does the exposure of Trump’s sexual assaults mean for women? A discussion with listener phone calls

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Since Friday, October 7, when the Washington Post released a video of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women, including “grabbing them by the pussy,” the story has not only caused Trump’s ratings in the polls to dive, but has motivated a number of women to come forward with stories of their own about how the presidential candidate groped or kissed them without their consent. After Trump tried to dismiss the tape as mere “locker room banter,” claiming he would never act on such impulses, two more women reported to the New York Times on October 14 that they had been sexually assaulted by Trump in ways similar to his bragging in the video.

These have been added to other testimonies by women, including one from a People Magazine reporter for a total of 9 such stories having surfaced, among speculation about just how many there are. There are now a number or articles counting the total number of women claiming Trump assaulted them.

This has created huge outcry from women and many men, and there seems to be a heightened consciousness right now of how widespread and even normalized this behavior is and how many women experience it.

On this show, Joy of Resistance will be attempting to deepen this moment as we take listener phone calls  at 347-335-0818 and hold a discussion in-studio with host-producer Fran Luck and long-time feminist activist Peg Rapp and present some of the recent material around these events, including portions of Michelle Obama’s moving speech on this subject.

We’ll be asking for stories of women who have experienced unwanted sexual predatoriness and harassment, why they did or didn’t speak up. We’ll be asking men to be honest with us about their experience of “locker room talk” about women. We’ll be looking at the affect on women’s work lives, psyches, and how we can combat the “entitlement” to women’s bodies that Donald Trump and so many men in this culture, claim for themselves.

Hope you can tune in and talk with us on the air at 347-335-0818.




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