Sept. 1, 9-10 pm: Misogyny and the fear of female power. Guests: Terry O’Neill, Jo Freeman

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A wide ranging feminist discussion on issues of the moment, with:

Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, the US’ largest feminist organization with over 600 chapters across the country. We’ll discuss misogyny and the Clinton campaign, why the TPP is a feminist issue, Donald Trumps reaction to Roger Ailes’ 20 years of sexually harassing employees…and more

Jo Freeman, pioneer feminist, author of “The Bitch Manifesto”, “The Tyranny of Structurelessness” and other feminist classics; She attended the Republican and Democratic conventions (2016) and will report back from a feminist perspective including differences between Republican and Democratic culture. We’ll also discuss the fear of a woman in power and how it is fueling the misogyny being lobbed at the Clinton campaign–and the question of where one draws the line between basic misogyny and legitimate criticism


News Story Links

Governor signs bill for eliminating tampon tax in NYS

Trump ally proposed disenfranchisement for those on public assistance and obtaining their birth control through Obamacare

Most men think sexism is over

Feminists see impeachment of Dilma Roussef as Sexist and discriminatory


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