Feb 11, 8 to 10 PM: Winter Fund Drive Special–Women of the Young Lords Party; Black Women Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement; Unbowed–a feminist novel by Lestine

As part of WBAI’s Winter Fund Drive, Joy of Resistance is proud to present 3 unique offerings to our listeners. In this program we will play excerpts from them, read from the novel, and have as our special guest, Lestine, author of Unbowed: A Novel.


Black Women Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement–ONE CD containing TWO different programs:

1) Black Women Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement–an Interview/conversation with activist Professor Carol Giardina, Fran Luck and Maretta Short. Discusses why the great women Civil Rights Movement leaders are not acknowledged as “leaders” although they did the same activities as male “leaders” did. Describes in detail the activism and accomplishments of: Ella Baker, Diane Nash, Fannie Lou Hamer, Daisy Bates, Gloria Richardson, Patricia Stevens Due and Joann Robinson. A must-have for complete knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement.

2) Women left out of the 1963 March on Washington influenced the founding of the National Organization for Women! Little known story of how the struggle to get ONE woman speaker onto the stage of the 1963 Civil Rights March (where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech), led, indirectly, to the formation of the National Organization for Women, 3 years later. Features interviews with Gloria Richardson and Myrlie Evers. Focuses on Dr. Pauli Murray and her fierce fight for women that led Betty Friedan to refer to her as “The African American woman who first triggered me.”


Gloria Richardson, 1963, Cambridge (MA) protests

Pledge amount: $25.00


Unbowed: A Novel by Lestine

Beautifully written, this feminist “page turner”, is mostly about one woman’s journey from a timid and obedient child bride to a confident fighter for justice; but it weaves together 3 plot lines, with important Yemeni, Indian, African American, and British women protagonists. It takes place in Yemen, New York, Paris and London and includes the formation and activation of an “International Women’s Liberation Army”!

Pledge amount: $50.00


Women of the Young Lords Party Reunion Panel

CD, 78 minutes, recorded live at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, July 23, 2015. Seven women who were members of the Young Lords Party look back, after 40+ years, to remember and testify about how women fought “machismo” in the Young Lords Party–without role models and before there was a feminist movement. Presents the achievements of the Lords and what can be learnt for their movement that gives us hope today. An historic evening–both moving and informative for the standing room only audience (who cheered throughout).


Denise Oliver (center) and other Young Lords Party women

Pledge amount: $50.00 


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You can go to give2wbai.org for a full range of thank you gifts (gifts in return for pledging to support the station). You might also want to consider becoming a WBAI “Buddy”/sustaining member. For as little as $10.00 a month, which painlessly and safely comes out of your credit card or bank account, you can help to permanently sustain this critical source of alternative information and experimentation. Even better–do it in the name of Joy of Resistance and show our management that feminist broadcasting is important to you!!! (and help keep our program on the air). Thank you.











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