On Christmas Eve, Thurs, Dec 24, 9-10 PM, join Joy of Resistance for an Irreverent Feminist Christmas Special

Joy of Resistance  is heard on Thursdays* 9-10 PM on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM (EST), streaming at wbai.org Follow us on twitter at @joyofresistance Email us atjor@wbai.org Donate to WBAI at give2wbai.org

On the night before Christmas, Joy of Resistance will take a feminist look at various aspects of Christmas and some of its mythology and practices.

Through music, comedy interviews and commentary, we’ll explore such topics as:

Who, actually, does the WORK of the holidays? (hint: it’s NOT the elves!) We’ll air some spontaneous interviews we did with holiday shoppers at Macy’s Department store, in which participants were asked to describe the work-breakup between the genders at their holiday celebrations.

What happened when a Dutch TV crew read some particularly bloodthirsty and sexist passages from the Christian Bible to people whom they stopped in the street–but disguised this bible to look like the Koran? An exercise in revealing prejudice!How Hobby Lobby is trying to teach us hobbyists who no longer have access to birth control (because of them!), how to construct our own IUD’s out of pipe cleaners and glitter!

How did the Three Wise Men react to being told “It’s a Girl!” ?

It's a girl!

It’s a girl!

PLUS Special Guest: Therese Schechter, Director of “How to Lose Your Virginity” We’ll talk about the Cult of the Virgin (Mary) and virginity today–and how the two connect–and continue to affect our lives.
We also may tell jokes and have surprise funny songs!

That’s Thursday, Christmas Eve, 9-10 PM–Joy of Resistance. Tune in.
WARNING: Christmas traditionalists might want to tune away–or–have their complaint forms at the ready!


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