Thurs, Nov 12, 9-10 PM: Andrea Ritchie on Daniel Holtzclaw trial: Gail Dines on Pornified Culture; Feminist Direct Actions in Madrid & London

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Daniel Holtzclaw is an Oklahoma police officer accused of systematically sexually assaulting Black women in a poor community, by using threats of jail time to get his way. We’ll speak with anti-racist activist/attorney/author Andrea Ritchie of Streetwise and Safe, about his trial–which began on Monday (with an all-white jury including only four women) and a defense attorney who is already using classic “blame-the-female- rape-victim” tactics. We’ll also talk about the history of routine sexual assault of Black women by police.

There have been two major feminist Direct Actions recently:


On October 8, at the premiere of the film “Suffragette” in London, Sisters Uncut, a group of feminist activists did a “die-in” on the red carpet that the stars of a film traverse at a premiere, in protest of funds for women’s shelters being cut by the government


On Nov 7, over 20,000 people shut down Madrid, Spain, in a massive demonstration against men’s violence against women and the lack of government action. During the weekend of the protest, four more women were murdered.

We’ll also play a recent TED talk by radical feminist Gail Dines on “Growing up in a Pornified Culture”; how young girls as well as young boys are influenced in their sexual development by the easy availability of porn on the internet.

We’ll also show the comedic answer to the “Feminism is Dead” story in the Spectator (by Jen Pozner)

The Feminist News Roundup will include the following stories:

After over a decade of occupation and $1.5 billion in U.S. aid, the reality facing women in Afghanistan has barely changed.

Trial of Daniel Holtzclaw–Cop accused of systematically raping Black women–begins in Oklahoma

Recent Feminist Direct Actions

Nov. 7–Massive demonstration and “die-in” in the streets of Madrid, to protest sexist violence against women

Oct. 8–Feminist activists take over “Suffragette” premiere in London to highlight domestic violence



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