Thurs, Oct 1, 9-10 PM: Caroline Heldman on the backlash against the anti-rape-on-college-campus movement; Excerpts from memorial for Naomi Weisstein

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The national movement fighting rape on college campuses is building momentum, with 94 colleges/universities under investigation under Title 9 for negligent policies–and even a Presidential directive. But at the same time, a backlash against the progress of this movement is becoming evident.

On Thursday, October 1st, 9-10 pm, in Part 1 of our show, we will speak with Caroline Heldman, Professor at Occidental College and anti-rape activist, co-founder of the Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition, End Rape on Campus (EROC) and Faculty Against Rape (FAR)–about rape on college campuses and the recent appearance of a number of articles challenging confirmed stats on rape in college and blaming rapes on women’s behavior. These include the recent Sunday New York Post‘s The Myth of Rape Culture–as well as an article in the New York Times and one in the Nation Magazine. We’ll be discussing these, and other backlash examples, the history of the new movement, the campus sexual assault epidemic and current efforts to combat it.

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In part 2 of the show, we’ll play excerpts from the powerful memorial held on September 20 for feminist pioneer Naomi Weisstein–attended by many women’s movement pioneers and including Naomi’s comedy and music. We’ll hear from Naomi’s partner/husband Jesse Lemisch; Heather Booth, who, with Naomi and four others was a co-founder of the Chicago Women’s LIberation Union, one of the earliest radical feminist groups, fellow neuroscientist Patrick Cavanagh and Gloria Steinem on Naomi and feminist humor. We’ll play more of the music of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band, which Naomi co-founded, and sample some of her comedy.


We’ll also be presenting this week’s edition of the Feminist News Roundup.

NEWS HEADLINES  FOR 10-1-15 (with links)

Repro Justice activists go on offensive

Amid renewed attacks against Planned Parenthood by right-wing lawmakers, reproductive rights advocates took the offensive on Wednesday by calling for an end to the Hyde Amendment, which has prevented taxpayer money from contributing to abortion service–particularly through Medicaid–for nearly 40 years. On Wednesday, the 39th anniversary of its passage in 1976, progressive organzations urged congress to approve the EACH ACT. which would lift current federal restrictions on abortion coverage, ie, the Hyde–and help make it affordable to low income women. Women of color are significantly more likely to receive Medicaid than white women.

And addition to the legislative attacks in Congress and many state legislatures Last week right wing hackers brought down the websites of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) and the Abortion Care Network (ACN) using Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. NNAF is a network of grassroots funds that raise money for people who can’t afford abortions, and ACN is a network of independent abortion providers.

Resistances to attacks on Planned Parenthood

A federal district judge in Utah issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday, preventing Republican Gov. Gary Herbert’s administration from discontinuing funding to Planned Parenthood health-care facilities in the state

Resisting pressure from a Colorado Springs Republican congressman, the University of Colorado’s medical school and Denver campus will not ban the use of fetal tissue from two suppliers, nor will they halt any research using fetal tissue, according to the medical school’s vice chancellor for research.

A new UN report says urgent action is needed to combat online violence against women and girls,

New York, 24 September 2015 – A new report released today by the United Nations Broadband Commission reveals that almost three quarters of women online have been exposed to some form of cyber violence, and urges governments and industry to work harder and more effectively together to better protect the growing number of women and girls who are victims of online threats and harassment. – See more at:

Sexual Assault on Campus

The Association of American Universities published a huge survey of campus sexual assault on Sept. 21. Over 150,000 students at 27 institutions of higher education participated in the web survey, which, among many other things, seems to corroborate the often-cited”1 in 5″ statistic, which says that 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault in college. The percentage of female undergraduate participants in the AAU study who report “sexual contact involving physical force or incapacitation since enrolling in the college” is 23.1 percent


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