July 30, 9-10 PM, Joy of Resistance presents recordings from the Women of the Young Lords panel

As part of a multi-site exhibition around New York City examining the legacy of the legendary Puerto Rican Revolutionary Nationalist group TheYoung Lords, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, on July 23, presented a live panel entitled “Women of the Young Lords.” Joy of Resistance was at the sold out event and recorded it.

Eight women, who were active Young Lords and participated in the intense struggle within the Party to come to grips with the sexism inherent in the Party’s adoption into their platform of “revolutionary machismo”, kicked back and with the hindsight (and freedom) of being 45 years out from these events, felt free to tell the whole story of the events of that struggle, known as “the revolution within the revolution.”

The wormen testifying: Denise Oliver, Iris Morales, Gloria Rodriguez, Minerva Solas, Olgie Robles and two others. The evening was organized by Johanna Fernandez, who also co-curated the event and is writing a book on The Young Lords.

The testimonies were electrifying.


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