Joy of Resistance, 7-2, 9-10 pm: The Marriage Show. Guests: Kamy Wikoff, author of “I Do but I Don’t” turns a feminist eye on the wedding industry; Nancy Polikoff’s “Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage” decouples benefits & marriage

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Spurred by the legalization of gay marriage, Joy of Resistance will be re-running our classic show on Marriage-as-an-institution, first aired on June 29, 2008. Guests, in order of appearance:

Kamy Wicoff, at 27, wrote the book: “I Do But I Don’t“–a story of her own attempt to have a meaningful wedding–only to run into the wedding industry’s plans for what an acceptable (and hugely expensive) big wedding is supposed to be in the U.S. today. By training her feminist eye and research skills on every part of this experience, she has produced a fresh re-examination of the creepy sexist rituals that have always been a part of heterosexual marriage–and that are making a big come-back. In chapters with headings such as: “the proposal”, “the ring”, “the dress”, the “prettiest day of your life”–as well as through noting that women do the bulk of the work of wedding planning–she shows how the rituals embedded in today’s big weddings function as a training ground for a woman to assume her “traditional wifely role”–thereby becoming an important site of male supremacy reproducing itself.

Nancy Polikoff is interviewed by Kathy Miriam about her book: “Beyond Gay and Straight Marriage“. Polikoff argues that married people should not be given special benefits (as is the case in the U.S. now) but rather that all individuals, married or single, should have access to all social benefits (such as is the case in Canada). She also theorizes that the Gay movement was influenced in deciding to emphasize marriage as its main goal, by the conservatizing of U.S. society since the 70’s (including attacks on reproductive rights and the pushing of marriage as the answer to all social problems).

The show includes testimonies by four feminists on how they feel and think about marriage. They are: Maretta Short, Erin Mahoney, Therese Lee and Nicole Whelan. It also includes a summary of the history of marriage in the West.

The live introduction by Fran Luck, will feature a recent news story on the ending of “domestic partnership” coverage by some insurance companies–as a result of the legalization of gay marriage–thus putting more pressure on those who do not wish to wed, to do so.


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