Joy of Resistance moves to Thursdays, 9-10 PM. First show on Jan 8, to feature Terry O’Neill and Holly Kearl plus live performance

We are very excited to announce that starting this Thursday, January 8, 9-10 PM, Joy of Resistance will be airing in a new and expanded time slot on WBAI radio, 99.5 FM in NYC (streaming live at Instead of broadcasting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, we will air every Thursday (but one) between 9 and 10 pm. On the 3rd Thursday, The Rape Declaration Forum will continue to be heard. Joy of Resistance will broadcast on all remaining Thursdays (the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th).

This represents an important milestone for our program; with more shows we can create more programming that brings to a broad audience our coverage of the worldwide and ongoing struggle of women for full equality and human rights, that is proceeding in every country and culture on the planet. We will continue to bring you interviews, group raps, feminist news, information on current activism as well as new segments, such as panels of diverse feminist voices, “woman-in-the-street” segments and recordings of important feminist events. As the new 2015 congress  convenes, and Republicans take over both houses of Congress, we can expect many more attacks on women’s gains–so the expansion of WBAI’s only program dedicated solely to this struggle in all of its many forms, could not have come at a more needed time.

This Thursday, January 8th, 9-10 PM, we’ll present the first program in our new time slot! Guests will include: Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, with whom we’ll talk about what the new Congress, in which both the Senate and House of Representatives will be controlled by Republicans, has in store for women. Then we’ll speak with Holly Kearl, Founder-Director of Stop Street Harassment, about progress made around the world during 2014 on getting street harassment to be taken seriously (so that women can, eventually, walk un-harassed in the world!). As part of that segment, we’ll have a live performance by Lorena Ambrosio (a spoken word piece she developed for Mahina Movement) that features her experiences with street harassment. Included in the show will be the Worldwide Feminist News and topical feminist music–plus listener phone calls at (212) 209-2900.

You can email Joy of Resistance at, and follow us on twitter at or @joyofresistance.


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