Feminist News Roundup: links to top stories 7-3-13

Texas moves to adopt anti-abortion law despite thousands protesting on the streets and famed fillbuster by Legislator Wendy Davis


Ohio Gov. John Kasich vetoed 22 line items in the state budget but did not not veto abortion restrictions that are some of the most extreme in the country–despite wide protests.



Women Fight Back in Ohio with “Erectile dysfunction bill” introduced in Ohio to “protect” men in same way women are “protected” by anti-abortion bills. Feminists say: “You want to regulate our ovaries, uteri and order us to carry state-mandated children? Well, fine. We want to regulate your erectile dysfunction”.


Catholics for Choice: Obama Admin caves to ultra conservative. religious leaders on availability of Birth Control


Women of Senate Vow to Continue Fight Against Military Sexual Assault


According to Human Rights Watch: There has been an epidemic of sexual violence against women in Egypt: At Least 91 Attacks in 4 Days; Government Neglect Means Impunity Rules. (Overthrow of Morsi today may signal change–it remains to be seen–JOR)


Ongoing story and announcement

Plan B One-Step To Be Sold Over-The-Counter Without Age Restrictions
The Obama administration Monday officially ended its opposition to over-the-counter sales of “Plan B One-Step,” also known as the morning-after pill…



Meeting in NYC on July 11 to analyze Morning After Pill victory and where we go from here




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