News and Blog links, Wednesday 5-15

The Obama Administrations decides to challenge Federal Judge Korman’s order to make the Morning After Pill available to women of all ages, without having to show ID

Social Security and Women

According to the National Women’s Law Project, at age 75, before the first bump-up begins, the cut from the chained CPI would reduce her monthly benefit by an amount equal to the cost of five days’worth of food each month.

The Gosnell trial–feminist commentaries

Ding Dong! Thatcherism and Sexism are alive

The Great Gatsby Still Gets Flappers Wrong–by Lisa Hicks
The trouble with “Gatsby” is, as beautifully as F. Scott Fitzgerald describes the opulent world of 1920s high society in his novel, he gets flappers all wrong. That’s because he portrays this liberated “New Woman” through the eyes of men…The flapper movement wasn’t simply a fashion trend–it was a full-blown, grassroots feminist revolution. After an 80-year campaign by suffragists, women were finally granted the right to vote in the United States in 1920…When the U.S. entered World War I in April 1917, many women entered the workforce, and when the soldiers returned in November 1918, their female counterparts were reluctant to give up their jobs.

As a result, young, unmarried women experienced far greater financial independence than they’d ever had before.

Trapped by European-style socialism–and I Love It–by Claire Lundberg

What it’s like to have REAL family friendly policies as a mother–affordable daycare, etc–a mother’s day commentary

In brief, the French government provides: 1) inexpensive municipal day care, 2) tax breaks for families employing in-home child care workers, and 3) universal free preschool beginning at age 3. Together, these make quality child care so affordable—even in expensive Paris—that we’re actually considering extending my husband’s work contract and staying in France until our daughter is school-age just to take advantage of them.

Israel moves to end gender segregation of women and seeks to limit rule by religious fundamentalists


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