Now that the Feb. 20 fund drive show is over, you can still order our amazing Roe v Wade Anniversary Package

Sally Roesch Wagner called our 3-part Roe Anniversary Package “an historical treasure”–and so it is. What’s in the Package. Below are links through which you can order the entire package or each part individually (links will take you to a page for each part of premium on the WBAI website). Thank you from Joy of Resistance!

Note: Joy of Resistance is a radio show that covers the “ongoing and worldwide struggle of women for full equality.” It is broadcast on listener-supported non-commercial radio station WBAI (99.5 FM in NYC and streaming @ on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 9-10 PM. Several times a year we participate in fund raising for WBAI in order to keep alive this precious non-commercial alternative to the corporate-controlled media. At these times we offer the best “feminist premium” we can put together, as a “thank you” for supporting WBAI–and the continuation of feminist radio!. The Roe v Wade Anniversary Package is our offering for WBAI’s 2013 Winter Fund Drive.

For Entire Roe v Wade Anniversary Package Click Here (and scroll down)

For each separate part

1) DVD: Lori Hiris’ Film With a Vengeance: The Fight for Reproductive Freedom Click Here

2) Book: Intimate Wars by Merle Hoffman: Click Here

3) Long-playing CD: Best of Joy of Resistance Repro Justice Coverage Click Here

To place an order, you must open an account on the WBAI website Click Here


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