Wed, January 16, 9-10 pm Joy of Resistance. “From New Delhi to Steubenville”–Soraya Chemaly on her article: “Rape Has A Purpose” plus: women talk about how the prevalence of rape affects the decisions they make every day

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From New Delhi, India to Steubenville, Ohio, horrifying rapes have been dominating the news recently, sparking international outrage–including marches and demonstrations throughout India and calls for justice from around the world. But we know that such much-publicized  rapes are only the tip of the iceberg: that the vast majority of rapes will go unreported; that U.S. statistics vary from one in four, to one in six women raped in their lifetimes.

On Wednesday, January 16, 9-10 PM, join the Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI, as we speak with Soraya Chemaly, author of the recent Huffington Post article “Rape Has A Purpose” ( Chemaly says in her article: “Women are not free to live without the constant threat of assault and violence or without being treated like objects and property.  When I last checked there were at least four “Rape Capitals” of the world. You know what that makes the rest of us? “Rape Suburbs.”

We’ll be looking at why rape is tolerated cross-culturally–and we’ll be asking women in our studio–and, in our listening audience–to tell us how the prevalence of rape affects the everyday decisions they make as they move around in the world. We will be taking listener phone calls in the latter part of the show at (917) 580-6020.

The show will also feature the Joy of Resistance Worldwide Feminist News segment, including an array of current stories, from a just-released January 15 Guttmacher Institute study on how “personhood amendments” are being used to destroy the constitutional rights of pregnant women (, to a call by Mormon women for women to wear pants to church (currently forbidden) to call attention to their unequal roles–and which has generated death threats ( ).

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