Our December 19 show: A conversation with Rita Banerji on gendercide

Wednesday, December19, 9-10 pm Joy of Resistance presents a conversation with Rita Banerji, founder of the 50 Million Missing Women campaign

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On Wednesday, December 19, between 9 and 10 pm, Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI proudly presents an interview with Indian Feminist Rita Banerji*: activist, researcher, testifier at the United Nations Symposium on Femicide and initiator of the “50 Million Missing Women” campaign.

Banerji documents and explains the systemic murders of women and girls in India, in numbers amounting to GENDERCIDE. She traces the killings to an active, ongoing and spreading patriarchal wealth-building system that features Dowry as the prize sought by husbands and their families. The name of the game is to raise sons who will collect dowries–and avoid raising daughters on whom the family must spend dowry money; this is accomplished by forcing the abortion of female fetuses (on daughters in law) and often the actual murders of young girls from birth to six years!

It is also accompanied by the ongoing practice of Sati (the burning of widows) and the growing phenomenon of “witch lynchings” in India–which are reminiscent of the witch burnings that took place in Europe and America–and like those, are a way of acquiring the property of women.

This interview is shocking and frightening–but terribly important, as it helps us to understand that the oppression of women (and other oppressed groups) is not “an accident” or a vestige from another era, but is an active process from which someone/someones are benefitting now!

The show will also feature our international feminist newscast, with stories on: the Violence Against Women Act; the Michigan anti-abortion “superbill”; the attempt of the “council” of an Indian village to ban women from using cell phones; Egyptian and Yemeni women losing rights after last year’s uprisings; Italian women fighting back against male violence; an important advance for reproductive rights in the Philippines and a commemoration of the Montreal Massacre.

*Find out more about Rita Banerji’s work at 50millionmissing.info and 50millionmissing.wordpress.com

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