Wednesday, August 1, 9-10 PM Misogyny in Comedy and on The Web

This Wednesday, August 1, Joy of Resistance Feminist Radio will present two segments: “Misogyny, Rape Jokes and Feminism” and “The Cyber-Harassment of Feminists.” Guests will be: Jennifer Pozner, media critic, journalist and author of the recent article: “Surfing the Rape Wave: What Tosh Teaches About Humor, Power and Privilege”; Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Executive Editor of Feministing and cultural critic; Amanda Marcotte; feminist journalist, blogger and podcaster who has recently written on online misogyny.
We will first examine, a much publicized recent incident in which a woman in the audience of a comedy club who called out her opposition to a rape “joke” was, in response, intimidated from the stage by the comic with threats of rape. In the aftermath, many in the comedy world claimed feminists were infringing on the “free speech necessary to comedy” when they criticized the comic (who had a long record of misogynist rape jokes). In addition to our discussion, we’ll play clips of “jokes about rape” that critique rape culture, rather than play into it.
We’ll also examine the disturbing trend of cyber-harassment and cyber-stalking of feminists. When the internet started out it seemed a “level playing field” for women, but ubiquitous web harassment, sometimes combined with threats of actual harm have been aimed at outspoken feminists and are becoming a serious problem. These include a computer “game” in which players can “beat up” (inflict visual bruises on) feminist cybergame critic Anita Sarkeesian; the “game” was created in response to Sarkeesian’s work on a project that will critique the ways that women are stereotyped  in computer games. 
We’ll also present Feminist News headlines, focusing on a legal challenge to the Arizona abortion ban that will have far-reaching implications; the attempt by the Catholic Church to stop the birth control co-pay in the Affordable Healthcare Act from going into effect on Aug 1–and other breaking stories. And we’ll play some very funny feminist songs! 

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