Wednesday, June 20, 9-10PM, Joy of Resistance: Religions & governments up their attempts to silence women!

As issues relating to women come to the fore in many parts of the world and women address them publicly, attempts by male dominated and supremacist governments and religions to silence women are on the rise.

In Egypt, women participating in a June 8 demonstration at Tahrir Square against the sexual harassment of female demonstrators, were themselves violently sexually assaulted by mobs of men thought to be directed by the Government (which activists see as an attempt to scare women away from political participation). In Ukraine, the outspoken feminist group FEMEN was been kidnapped by a group of men considered to be working with or for the government. Two women members of the Michigan House of Representives, have been censored and excluded from debate on pending abortion legislation as a result of speaking too strongly and using the word “vagina” on the House floor. And the Vatican has censored and taken over one of the largest U.S. Catholic nun’s organizations (Leadership Council of Women Religious), accusing it of “radical feminism” and not promoting the Church line on abortion, contraception and gay marriage (LCWR has, in turn, issued their own critique of the Vatican statement).

On Wednesday, June 20, @ 9-10 PM, Joy of Resistance will be covering these and other news stories as well as speaking with supporters of the nuns, Jamie Manson, writer for the National Catholic Reporter and Marissa Valerie of Catholics for Choice. We’ll also have a report-back on the unsilencing of women at Occupy Wall Street–the Second Feminist General Assembly (Monday, Washington Sqare Park) as well as a report on plans for a National Feminist General Assembly in Philadelphia on July 4. Plus feminist music!

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