Preliminary Announcement: next JOR show: 6-6-12

I’m in the thick of planning the next Joy of Resistance show (after a break for WBAI fund-drive this May). It’s this coming Wed., 9-10 pm (WBAI, 99.5 FM, streams at Show will have sounds from the 1st-ever NYC Feminist General Assembly of OWS (May 17 in Wash. Sq. Pk.) as well as live group interview w/some of organizers. Also, sound from some other feminist recent events–the “Unite to Fight the War on Women” rally at Foley Sq. (Apr. 24) and possibly the Forum that took place other night (May 29) @ the Ethical Culture Society: “The Resurgence of Misogyny”, w/Katha Pollitt & others. Plus the Feminist News Roundup (oy vey–more republican abortion restrictions!). Help me spread the word. If yr tweeting, follow us at And tune in.


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