Joy of Resistance is posting this because we think it may be an important part of the escalation of tactics against both women and OWS by the NYPD. The sexual humiliation of women permeates our society our “erotic” literature (ie, pornography) and is a form of sex-specific terrorization. We invite any women who have experienced the tactics described here to post to us (name can be omitted) as it is important that we develop a database of these incidents and move in every way possible to expose and stop this form of human rights abuse of women.


This comes from naked capitalism.

Arbitrary violence is nothing new. The apparently systematic use of sexual assault against women protestors is new. I’m not aware of any reports of police intentionally grabbing women’s breasts before March 17, but on March 17 there were numerous reported cases, and in later nightly evictions from Union Square, the practice became so systematic that at least one woman told me her breasts were grabbed by five different police officers on a single night (in one case, while another one was blowing kisses.) The tactic appeared so abruptly, is so obviously a violation of any sort of police protocol or standard of legality, that it is hard to imagine it is anything but an intentional policy.

David Graeber: New Police Strategy in New York – Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protestors

A few weeks ago I was with a few companions from Occupy Wall Street…

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