Wednesday, April 4, 9-10 pm, Joy of Resistance: Feminism in High School. Guests: Ileana Jimenez & her students

WBAI can be heard at 99.5 FM and streams live at

Ileana Jimenez (, who teaches feminism at Elizabeth Irwin High School and some of her students--along with Joy of Reisistance (JOR) members, April 4th, WBAI lobby, after show appearance. Left to right: Ileana Jimenez; Feminist Teacher; Grace Tobin, H.S. Senior; Jasmine Burnett, JOR host; Dinayuri Rodriguez, H.S. Junior, Emma Stydahar, H.S. Junior; Carina Cruz, H.S. Junior; Fran Luck, JOR Executive Producer; Dora Friedman, JOR Intern.

Feminism is being taught in High School in New York City! Ileana Jimenez (, recipient of a Distinguished Fullbright Award inTeaching–and her students–will be guests on the next Joy of Resistance show. Ms. Jimenez will discuss the importance of feminism for High School students and her campaign to initiate teaching feminism in classes K-12. Her female students will talk about how discovering feminism has changed their lives, and male students will talk about how listening to girls’ experiences of street harassment & sexism has turned them into allies of girls. Students will talk about how multiple oppressions including sexism, racism and homophobia intersect in their lives. We’ll play a PSA the class produced about street harassment & sound from the International Anti-Street Harassment Week Rally on March 24 @ Judson Memorial Church.

Show will include the Worldwide Feminist News segment, Amanda Marcotte‘s repro rights podcast and your phone calls at (212) 209-2900. We’ll also send live twitter pictures as the show progresses and take your comments at

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